Deciphering the dispute over the number of times Messi’s Champions League wins: Carragher apologized and was beaten by official data

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On Monday, Gary Neville and Carragher made low-level mistakes in the show, and missed a Champions League champion, an America’s Cup champion, and an Olympic gold medal in the pictures showing Messi’s honor. After being ridiculed by Lineker and strongly criticized by fans, Carragher had to stand up and apologize. However, he still insisted that Messi should not be regarded as a member of the Champions League in the 2005-06 season.

So, is this statement correct?

Let’s take a look at what Carragher said. The former Liverpool defender admitted to missing Messi’s America’s Cup champion, but also defended the show team. “In terms of the honor of the Messi national team, We made mistakes. In similar shows, such mistakes often happen. We watched Messi’s performance in the 2006 UEFA Champions League. After the first round of the knockout round, he did not play for 1 minute, so we counted as 3 times. We did not explain, and I believe you will also make mistakes."

First of all, Carragher made an obvious mistake. In the second round of the round of 16 against Chelsea, Messi started and played for 25 minutes until he retired due to injury.

Secondly, although he was not an absolute main player at the time, Messi gradually played his role in the Champions League. He scored his first Champions League goal against Panathinaikos, and created a penalty against Bremen. In the first leg against Chelsea, Messi continued to break through the right flank with sharp breakthroughs, causing Del Horno to become red because of his rough moves. Leaving the field, Barcelona was able to usher in a turning point.

In the 2005-06 UEFA Champions League, Messi played 4 times in the group stage and played a total of 207 minutes. Yes Panathinaikos passed the shot and made a contribution. In the eighth final against Chelsea, Messi started the game, but in the second round, Messi tore his hamstring and missed 75 days due to injury, and therefore missed all subsequent games.

If it is not for serious injuries, then Messi will definitely continue to be the main force in the subsequent Champions League games. Messi had hoped to return in the Champions League final, but to be on the safe side, Rijkaard did not recruit Messi into the big list. The dissatisfied Argentine did not participate in the team's championship ceremony, which made Messi regret it later.

The rigorous "Transfer Market" website believes that Messi has won the Champions League four times, including the 2005-06 season. Inside. Barcelona's official website also believes that Messi has won the Champions League four times, and pointed out that "Although he missed the Champions League final against Arsenal due to injury, he won the Champions League for the first time."

Very simple The fact is that Messi played 6 times in the Champions League this season, scored 1 goal and sent 1 assist, created a penalty, and also caused the opponent to dye red. Is this kind of performance still "laying the crown"? Shouldn't it be counted as a champion member?


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