How about the England squad for the 2021 European Cup? Foden has a chance, Sterling and Kane are still the main players

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Eurosport’s journalist Paul Parker chose what he thinks is the eleven of England to participate in the 2020 European Cup-now to be held in 2021-some of them have surprising names...


Henderson (Sheffield United)

If Henderson To continue his status in Sheffield United (before the coronavirus outbreak), then he must be considered the number one player. I would choose him over Pickford.

Four defenders

Alexander Arnold (Liverpool)

If you look at his stats and what he created, then he must be in the team. The only problem is that when entering the world of international football, you will wonder whether you need someone with stronger defensive ability like Trippier, it depends on the situation of the game.

Joe Gomez (Liverpool)

Gomez has performed very well this season, but every time he is next to Van Dijk. When he was playing in the England national team, he might think before seeing him, ‘he has brought the club’s status to international competitions. Can he do well next to Maguire and feel confident?

Maguire (Manchester United)

You have to select Maguire, Although I don't like it very much. His speed is very slow, and he is often found to be incorrectly positioned. But now there is no other high-quality England centre-back.

Ben Chilwell (Leicester City)

There is no one else. Danny Rose was loaned to Newcastle. I don't know why. I don’t know if Ross has the right mentality to represent his country. I would choose Cerwell because no one really kicked him out.


Jordan Henderson (Liverpool)

At this time, he is the only midfielder you can see. He often Playing in important games. He didn't pass the ball forward enough, so he must be the player with the ball.

James Madison (Leicester City)

When we enter the tournament, one thing we always lack is creativity, so you need to have as much Creative players are on the court. This may allow you to pass the group stage with two midfielders with the ball, but no more than the semifinals.

Phil Foden (Man City)

"At this point, we You can see Verden’s ability. He has played a lot of games for u21, you have to let him play in this kind of game that suits him, you have to keep looking forward."



Sterling (Manchester City)

Sterling's speed means he must stay in the team. He and Rashford are on the flanks and have mobility, flexibility and versatility.

Rashford (Manchester United)

Rashford is on the touchline The center is better. He doesn't need to be a center through and through, you will still have a Russford, he can still score a lot of goals.

Kane (Tottenham)

I will choose Kane, unless you can find someone who can do better, he can provide more than just goals. He is a player who is often injured and does not always perform well in the game. You always suspect that you haven't got enough from him.


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