Real Madrid is brewing a blockbuster exchange, and the domestic trading plan has surfaced! Serbia international may be a bargaining chip

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At present, Real Madrid's number one signing target is no longer Pogba, and now Zidane's number one target is the African footballer Mane who plays for Liverpool in the Premier League. There are signs that the Liverpool striker is getting closer and closer to the Bernabeu. First of all, Mane said in an interview with the media after he was awarded the African Footballer that if he had the opportunity to try his luck in La Liga and liked the Galaxy Battleship, he would not speak any more after that. This makes people have to think of the present in Zidane. Zema is 33 years old and it's time for Real Madrid to look for top strikers.

Another reason is very interesting. The media has been publishing photos of Ma Nei wearing a white jersey training or participating in activities, and consciously linking it to Jovic. The outside world believes that Jovic, which Real Madrid bought at a high price, has enough capital to gain a foothold in Europe. However, he did not exert his strength in the Real Madrid system. Even if Benzema was not on the court, he did not seize the opportunity to express himself. , Analysts believe that Jovic can go to other leagues to try, such as the Premier League.

But this does not mean that Liverpool and coach Klopp are willing to take Jovic at any price , Including exchange with the horse. Perhaps they would prefer to use Mane as a bargaining chip to compete with Manchester United for Leipzig's top card Timo Werner. According to the judgment of Liverpool, if the Red Army can keep Salah and Firmino, Real Madrid's hopes of getting Mane will increase significantly. Among them, there are two most likely trading options.

The first method is to throw in money and pay 100 million euros directly to Anfield according to Mane’s estimate, so as to ensure that the Red Army has enough capital to seek a replacement for the Senegalese striker. Manchester United is competing for Timoville. Not to lose the wind in the process of Nasdaq, can even secretly plan with Leipzig and Liverpool, to ensure that Werner can join the Red Army before completing the deal with Mane.

Another way is to use the Serbian striker as mentioned before. Since the young Jovic is in The outstanding performance in the Bundesliga is very attractive to Klopp. There is no doubt that Real Madrid must add an additional investment. After all, Jovic's current performance cannot be the same as Mane.

At this stage Liverpool definitely hopes to retain Mane, but how strong are the personal wishes of the African forward? The outside world does not know. There is basically no suspense for Liverpool, which is far ahead in the standings, to win the league championship. At the same time, it has won the Champions League and the Club World Cup. How to choose between the two trading schemes facing Real Madrid will depend on Klopp's new contract. What kind of goals do you hope to achieve during your tenure, and the club's positioning for the development of the team.


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