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News on April 3, 2018, Beijing time tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals will start. Eight teams from the four major leagues swept the Champions League quarter-finals. Two La Liga powerhouses Sevilla and Real Madrid will play tomorrow morning, respectively against Bundesliga hegemons Bayern Munich and Serie A giants Juventus; the day after tomorrow is the Premier League derby between Liverpool and Manchester City and the contest between Barcelona and Roma.

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Juventus VS Real Madrid

You are the "favor" again

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Juventus will host Real Madrid in the morning. The confrontation between the two teams is a repeat of last season's Champions League final. Juventus and Real Madrid have faced each other in the Champions League for nearly 11 times. The former record is 5 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses. Juventus has the upper hand with 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss at home. From the perspective of the two sides' nearly 3 matches, the record is 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. The two sides are difficult to distinguish, but Real Madrid scored 6 goals, Juventus scored 4 goals, Real Madrid's scoring ability is slightly superior. Although Real Madrid did not perform well in La Liga this season, they still remain strong in the Champions League. They have shown their strength in the double-killing of Paris in two rounds. However, Juventus can narrowly beat the excellent Tottenham and break into the quarter-finals, which also shows the background of the old strong team. Cristiano Ronaldo, who has scored 8 consecutive games, will once again face his old rival Buffon. Five times against Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a total of 7 goals. He scored twice in the Champions League final last season, while the Portuguese scored 15 goals against Serie A teams in 22 times. What kind of data Ronaldo can get out of this campaign is worth looking forward to.

If you can zero Real Madrid in the Allianz Arena, then Buffon will zero opponents in the Champions League for the 50th time. This data is second only to the 55 zero opponents Casillas and Dutch goalkeeper Van der Sar . Buffon said before the battle: "We are facing a team that is stronger than us. They have very good players. However, we must also see that in the two rounds of confrontation, a strong team is not always able to advance. ."

Sevilla VS Bayern

The first time they meet each other

This is the first match between Seville and Bayern, Seville Asia has the reputation of "King of the Europa League", but can they become dark horses in the Champions League this time? In the past 15 games, Sevilla's record is 8 wins, 4 losses and 3 draws; Bayern's record in the past 15 games is 13 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie. Comparing the two games, you will find that Sevilla's strength is not as good as Bayern. In the league, Bayern just beat the giants Dortmund 6-0, and the team adjusted the state to the best. However, Sevilla can eliminate Manchester United and advance to the quarter-finals, which shows that the team is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Sevilla defender Escudero said: "We are going to cause trouble for Bayern. Although we do not have a very famous star in our team, our overall cooperation is very good. Everyone is willing to fight for the team until the end. A moment.” Because of this, Bayern coach Heynckes said after the 28th round of the Bundesliga that the team was already kicking in the second half against Dortmund. An important Champions League game.” It can be seen that Bayern did not dare to underestimate the Sevilla team.

Liverpool VS Manchester City

Loving each other in the same vein

Each with a victory in the league, Liverpool and Manchester City will face off in the UEFA Champions League midweek. There are 5 teams in the Premier League who have reached the Champions League round of 16 knockouts, but only two teams are left to reach the quarter-finals. Now that they are 8 into the 4 knockout rounds, the Premier League civil war will be staged, which means that only one Premier League will remain in the Champions League semi-finals. team. Regardless of the Red Army or the Blue Moon, whoever eliminates opponents shoulders the important task of carrying the flag for the Premier League.

The two teams are currently the most powerful teams in the Premier League. Judging from the competition between the two teams and the three-line lineup, Manchester City has a slight advantage. On the front line, both teams have the current Premier LeagueAmong the best attackers, Manchester City have Aguero, Sane, and Sterling, and three have scored 44 goals in the league; Liverpool have Salah, Mane, and Firmino, three have scored 45 goals, two The team's offensive group ability is comparable. But in the defense, Manchester City is clearly better than Liverpool. In the league, Manchester City lost only 20 goals in 30 league games, 7 goals in the Champions League, while Liverpool lost 34 goals in the Premier League and 9 goals in the Champions League. Liverpool played at home at Anfield in the first leg. Coach Klopp said bluntly: "In the first leg of the league, we lost to Manchester City 0-5 away. To be honest, we didn't expect this result. In fact, we also beat Manchester City 4-3 at home in the second leg. Unexpectedly. Do we have any hope of qualifying? I think there are still, but they are obviously more optimistic. At some moments, we are close to Manchester City's level, but their sustainability is stronger. This is also their in the Premier League. The reason why there are 20 points more points than us on the field."

Barça VS Rome

Blessed Land revisits the old dream

Photo courtesy of Xinhua News Agency/Ou Xin

Rome’s home stadium, the Olympic Stadium, is one of Barcelona’s blessed grounds. The 2009 UEFA Champions League final was held in this stadium when Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0. The players who scored for Barcelona were Eto'o and Messi. Now back to the blessed ground, Barcelona hopes to relive the old dream, after a three-year absence, it will reach the Champions League semi-finals again until they win the championship.

Barcelona's strength is obviously superior. Their three lines are neat. Only Coutinho is unable to play in the Champions League. Messi is in good shape. Suarez has recovered his luck in 2018. Ter Stegen He is one of the goalkeepers with the fewest goals in the five major leagues. Dembele's state is gradually improving. The red and blue teams are one of the biggest favorites to win the championship. Roma goalkeeper Allison played well this season, "Supernova" Yundale is in good shape, Dzeko's recent performance has also rebounded, and the midfielder has strong players such as Naingolan and Stroman, but the defense has obvious shortcomings, overall strength and bench The depth is limited. Roma has scored only 57 goals in all competitions this season, the worst offensive firepower among the Champions League quarter-finals.

After the Champions League restructuring, Barcelona and Roma have played 4 games, and their record is flat. However, the overall strength of Barcelona in 2001 was far less than the current one. Two matchups in the group stage two years ago were of more reference value. Barcelona had a huge advantage at the time and swept the Red Wolves 6-1 at home. Barcelona played against Serie A teams 6 times in the Europa League, with a winning percentage of 50%. As a focal star, Messi has scored 12 goals in 19 Serie A games in his career. Compared with the 20 goals against the Premier League team, the efficiency and output are much worse. Last season's Champions League quarter-finals against Juventus, Messi failed to score a goal, but Di Francesco's team is not good at defensiveness, and the quality of defense cannot be compared with the old woman. Di Francesco is also the "rookie" coach of the Champions League. This is the first time he has led a team in the Champions League. Last summer, former Sevilla football director Monchi joined the Roma club as the Roma football director. Familiar with La Liga, he looked forward to the matchup and said: "Barça is definitely the favorite to advance, but we also have the hope to be upset!"

Source: Beijing Evening News Liu Dawei


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