Why is the Premier League only the top five leagues in Europe? The other leagues are first divisions?

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As we all know, there are five major leagues in Europe, namely the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and French Ligue 1.

The top five in Europe The league is the five representative leagues with the highest level and the most points in the European war among all professional leagues in Europe.

However, many fans are still curious to this day: Why is the Premier League only among the top five European leagues? The league is called the Super League, and La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and French Ligue 1, are they inferior, and only deserves to be called the first division?

The editor clearly told these fans, of course not.


So why in the five major European leagues, only the Premier League is more special, called the Super League?

After reading the following three knowledge points, I believe everyone can find the answer to the question:

The first knowledge point, the level of the Premier League and other leagues Same, there is no difference between high and low

The full name of the Premier League is the English Premier League, and the foreign name is: premier league

Does not include the meaning of super, only expresses the highest league in England.

Others such as the French League, the full name is the French Football League, the foreign name It is: Ligue 1

There is also the Serie A, the full name is the Italian Football League, the foreign name is: Serie A

From the perspective of foreign language names, all of them are the most advanced professional football leagues in each country, but the foreign language of the Premier League is English, the foreign language of Serie A is Italian, and the foreign language of Serie A is French.

The names of these leagues cannot be unified or remembered by Chinese fans because of the different languages ​​used. Therefore, for convenience, they are translated and collectively called the First Division.

Because the Chinese football professional league used to be It’s called the A-League. When it comes to La Liga, fans soon know that this refers to the highest professional football league in Spain, which sounds more cordial.

So, whether it’s the Premier League or La Liga. , Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 are all levels of leagues, and there is no distinction between high and low. They all represent various European football powers and the highest level of professional football leagues in China.

The second point of knowledge, the predecessor of the English Premier League is also called the English League

Before 1992, the highest professional football league in England was called the English League One is essentially the same as La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and French Ligue 1.

But because of many major events, the League One was transformed into the Premier League. League.

First on May 11, 1985, 56 fans were killed in the fire at Bradford Stadium in England.

Then on May 29, 1985 In the UEFA Champions League final match between Liverpool and Juventus, Heysel Stadium, there was a violent clash between fans, which resulted in the death of 39 fans.

In just 18 days, because Heather The El tragedy and the Bradford Stadium fire cost 95 fans their precious lives.

Therefore, UEFA banned all England football clubs from participating in the European war for 5 years. This brought huge economic losses to the domestic league in England.

Then in 1989, another tragedy occurred in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Field on Wednesday’s Hillsborough Stadium, because there were too many fans who came to watch the game, and the stadium stands were too small, so a collapse occurred, which directly caused the deaths of 96 fans, 1Fifty fans were injured.

Obviously, the facilities and management of the League One are far behind the development of the times, so so many tragedies have occurred one after another.

So on May 27, 1992, the original 17 top clubs in the English Premier League were separated from the English League and formed the Premier League Limited.

This newly established England’s top league, which is now the Premier League.

The operation of the Premier League will be completely independent of the FA and the English Football League, and enjoy its own negotiation and broadcast. Rights and sponsorship rights can get huge profit sharing.

In this way, the Premier League can do its utmost to avoid recurrence of large-scale fan casualties like the League One.


After all, with money, the level of stadium facilities will be improved, so that fans can watch the Premier League more safely and comfortably.

In order to distinguish from the original Premier League, also In order to reflect the status of the new league, the newly born English Premier League is called the Premier League.

The third point of knowledge, the Premier League is an inevitable product of the development of the English professional league.

As we all know, England is the birthplace of modern football.

Football here There is a long history, many professional teams, and the fans are very enthusiastic. The atmosphere in English football is very good.

In England, there are more than 100 professional teams.

For leagues like La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and French Ligue 1, their domestic professional football teams are not as many as the British professional football teams.

Therefore, other European leagues only need Division A, Division B and Division C are basically enough.

In the English professional football league, including the Premier League, there are five levels of leagues.

Each level of league requires at least 20 or so teams to fully accommodate the more than 100 professional teams.

If there is no Premier League, it may appear in the Premier League. There are thirty teams.

This kind of league cycle will be very long. When La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 leagues have all focused When transitioning from the home league to the Champions League, England's professional teams may still be fighting in their own domestic leagues.

It is certainly difficult for England's professional teams to get a good European war. Achievements.

Once there is a Premier League, it can be distinguished from other lower-level leagues in the United Kingdom.

The Premier League has only 20 teams, so in the domestic league The internal friction will be relatively small, and the quality of the Premier League team will be better than The league’s teams are higher, which is of great help to business income and European results.

In fact, Premier League fans often complain that, compared to other European leagues, Premier League teams are in the country. The exhaustion of the league was too much, which eventually caused the Premier League team to miss the Champions League.

However, this is already the result of the Premier League.

If there is no Premier League, I am afraid that England Football clubs will have greater internal consumption, and their results in the Champions League will be even more bleak.


In summary, the Premier League is not higher than other European leagues, but only because of its own development needs and to distinguish it from the Premier League.

But the Premier League is undoubtedly a success. Not only does the Premier League rank first in the top five European leagues in terms of commercial revenue and fan influence, but also two of the Champions League champions in the last three seasons are owned by Premier League teams. Get it.

They are Liverpool and Chelsea respectively.

The Premier League team can be said to have a double harvest of business income and the Champions League.

With Barcelona losing Messi and Real Madrid losing Cristiano Ronaldo and Ramos, the Premier League teams are signing large numbers every season. It can be said to be a virtuous circle that makes fans in other leagues envious. .

Maybe fans will gradually feel that the Premier League is really a higher level than other European leagues, so it is called the Super League?

Dear readers, do you think the editor is right?


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