Left and right foot + header + point shot! UEFA Champions League-Blues 4-0 away at Seve, Giroud staged a big four

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In the early morning of December 3, Beijing time, Chelsea played away against Sevilla in a UEFA Champions League group E group match. Giroud rewritten the score early in the first half and Chelsea temporarily led Sevilla 1-0.

Easy side to fight again, Giroud scored 3 more goals crazy to help Chelsea sweep Sevilla 4-0 away.

Competition highlights

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The process of the game

Less than 30 seconds after the start of the game, Havertz’s cross from a small angle on the right side of the front court turned into a shot, and Pastor did not dare to neglect the ball with his fists.

In the 6th minute, Aspilicueta pressed up an oblique pass in front of the goal, and Pulisic near the penalty spot stopped the ball and turned around. Shot, the ball is slightly wide of the bottom left corner of the goal.

In the 8th minute, Havertz dribbled the ball into the front court and then slashed into the back. Giroud stopped the ball on the right side of the penalty area with his left foot pocket Shot, the ball bypassed the goalkeeper and got into the upper left corner of the goal. Chelsea led 1-0 in the away game!

In the 19th minute, Rodriguez passed a free kick from the left side of the front court into the penalty area, Diego Carlos penalty area The header ferryed in the middle, Requik’s close-range tackle was saved by Mendy bravely, and Diego Carlos’s second shot was blocked by Rüdiger with his body.

In the 26th minute, Pulisic took the ball all the way into the penalty area with the ball, and then his left foot shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. Bottom line.

In the 27th minute, Emerson took a corner kick. Rudiger's header from the center of the penalty area has already allowed the goalkeeper to surrender. Basque Si cleared the ball in front of the goal line.

In the 33rd minute, Jorginho’s arc dribble was interrupted in the middle circle, and Enesri saw Mendy standing one ahead The foot shot from a long distance, but unfortunately the ball missed the goal.

The first half ended with Chelsea away 1-0. In the 49th minute, Navas picked up a pass from the right side of the front court. After stopping the ball on the right chest of the penalty area, Goodley volleyed with his right foot, and the ball was slightly wide of the upper right corner of the goal.

In the 54th minute, Kovacic went straight in the middle of the field. Giroud dribbled the ball into the right side of the penalty area. He took advantage of the rhythm After the change of the angle, the ball passed the goalkeeper and got into the net. Chelsea took the lead 2-0! !

In the 57th minute, Odoi got the ball on the right side of the front court, but he unexpectedly missed a lob with his left foot The upper left corner of the goal.

In the 69th minute, Jorginho's midfielder picked up a pass, and Mount's right-footed shovel shot into the middle of the penalty area was saved by the goalkeeper. .

In the 70th minute, Giroud, who had scored twice, was still actively pushing for the frontcourt. He even almost stole the ball from the opponent's goalkeeper. .

In the 74th minute, Kanter dribbled the ball from the right side of the frontcourt and then made a pass. Giroud jumped from the front of the small penalty area with a header. At the door, the ball got into the net against the bottom of the beam, 3-0, Giroud performed a hat trick! ! ! !

In the 82nd minute, Giroud broke into the penalty area and was pulled from behind when his teammate passed the ball. The referee decisively awarded a penalty point. The ball, in the 83rd minute, Giroud himself took the penalty and deceived the goalkeeper in one fell swoop, 4-0! ! ! !

In the 85th minute, Werner’s pass in the penalty area He was blocked by Gomez with his arm. Although VAR prompted a handball foul, the referee personally went to the sidelines to watch the slow motion playback and refused to award a penalty kick.

In the remaining time, the two sides did not score any more. In the end, thanks to Giroud’s crazy fourth year, Chelsea swept away 4-0. Vilia.

Both lineups

Sevilla starting (433): 1-Vaclik/16-Navas (59'12 -Comte), 3- Gomez, 20- Diego Carlos, 4- Rekic/10- Rakitic (75'21- Oliver Torres), 6-Goodley, 14-Ro Driggs (60'5-Ocampos)/22-Vazquez (66'11-Munir), 15-Ennesri, 23-Idrisi (60'8-Holdan).

No substitutes: 25-Fernando, 9-Luc De Jong, 33-Pastor, 35-Harvey Vazquez, 30-Zar Zana, 29- Gonzalez, 36- Romero.

Chelsea starter (433): 16-Mendy/28-Aspirikueta, 4-Christensen, 2-Rudiger, 33-Eye Mawson/17-Kovacic (67'7-Kant), 5-Jorginho, 29-Havertz (67'19-Mount)/20-Odoi, 18-Giroud (84 '11-Werner), 10-Plisic (67'22- Ziyech).

No substitutes: 13-Caballero, 3-Alonso, 1-Kepa, 14-Tomori, 9-Abraham, 21-Chile Weir, 24-James, 23-Gilmore.


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