[Event Focus] The Hammers in the Premier League fight Fox City

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English Premier League West Ham United VS Leicester

Game time: 2021-08-2403:00:00

In the last round of the league, West Ham United fell behind at halftime, chasing 3 goals in the second half and finally defeated Newcastle 4:2. It is worth mentioning that West Ham scored 10 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses in 19 league home games last season. This is the second best team in the Premier League at home, second only to the final champion Manchester City, which also confirms West Ham. Is a typical home dragon team. After getting a good start in the league, the team coach Moyes said that he would not change the starting lineup, but insisted on the 4-2-3-1 formation. Antonio served as the single arrow, Bowen, Ben Rahma and Fornas were behind him. Conveying shells, Sochek and Rice partnered with double midfielders. It should be noted that Rice was the main midfielder of the England team in this summer's European Cup to help the team win the runner-up. This player's worth has risen to 63 million pounds. The giants have been coveting him for a long time, and Socek is full of offensive power. Last season, he helped the team score 10 league goals and scored in the last round.

The Leicester City team relied on Vardy’s advancement in the last round of the league. The ball defeated the Wolves 1-0, including the Community Shield defeat to Manchester City, the team achieved two consecutive victories in the new season. This summer the team spent 27 million pounds to introduce center Dhaka from Salzburg Red Bull, 18 million pounds to introduce defensive midfielder Sumaré, 15 million pounds to introduce Danish international Vistec, and Southampton was exempted from signing. The main left-back Bertrand, the team lineup has been reinforced. In this game, Westergou will replace the injured Evans as the main central defender for his first show. Bertrand is unable to play because of the new crown, and Vardy has been in excellent form recently. Dhaka has to continue to wait on the bench. Chance. It should be noted that the midfielder Madison suffered a back injury in the last round of the league and needs to be assessed for a high probability of not playing, so Lecce City has to change 4-3-3, Vardy, Perez, and Barnes form an offensive trigeminal halberd.

Getafe VS Seville in La Liga

Competition time: 2021-08-2402:00: 00

Getafe has invested a lot in signings this summer, bringing in players including Milosevic and Macias. The overall strength of the team should be improved compared to last season. However, in the first round of the match, Getafe finally lost to Valencia after playing one more man in the opening 3 minutes. From the perspective of the game process, the team's ability to seize opportunities in attack still needs to be improved. This time, facing Seville, who is much stronger in the third line, Getafe may not be able to make high hopes even if it has a home advantage.

Sevilla has gradually stabilized among the top four in La Liga Among the teams, although they sold the Star of Hope Gil this summer, they also introduced several powerful players such as Lamela, Montiel and Augustinson in a targeted manner. The overall strength of the team is comparable. Compared with last season, it has improved steadily. In the first round of the league in the new season, Sevilla faced newly promoted Vallecano, and completely pressed their opponents on the ground while their strength was clearly suppressing their opponents. In the end, they won a 3-0 victory, which shows that their current strength and Morale is in a fairly strong period, even if you are a guest this time, you will still be confident.

Serie A Samp VSAC Milan

Game time: 2021-08-2402:45:00

Sampdoria finished ninth in the league last season At the end of the new season, judging from the performance of the previous warm-up matches and the Coppa Italia, the overall combat power is not to be underestimated. Not only did they have a wave of 4 consecutive victories, but also the frontcourt was quite lethal during the period. The only shortcoming is the team. His defensive end was slightly unstable. Before the Cup, the Serie C team only barely won a small goal and fell behind by 2 goals early. Such a defense implies a worry. Whether this campaign can withstand Milan's sharp offensive is debatable.

AC Milan this summer Milan can be said to have reorganized the lineup, although it has lost the main players of Charhanoglu and Donnarumma, and one point The money transfer fee was not collected, which made the fans feel aggrieved, but the team also introduced French forward Giroud, midfielder Tonali, defender Tomori, Barro and other players. It can be said that the current Milan does not spend it. How much money, but the overall strength of the lineup has improved, and from the performance of the previous warm-up match, Milan's performance is still very stable.

There is still a gap between the two teams in terms of strength. Although Sampdoria has a good record recently, Milan did not win in the two games last season. In recent years, Fighting is also more losing than winning, it seems that you can't eat too much cheap in front of Milan, so it may not be easy to continue the victory in this campaign.

Ligue 2 Auxerre VS Guingamp

Competition time: 2021-08-2402:45:00

Auxerre started the season quite well, with 4 rounds of 2 wins and 2 draws, an unbeaten record, with a 6-2 goal-to-loss ratio, which can be described as both offensive and defensive. To know that the team only had 2 points last season to enter the upgrade additional area to compete for the opportunity to upgrade, it can be seen that the team is full of fighting intentions. But this season is not disappointed, the current accumulation of 8 points temporarily ranked fourth, the trend is not bad. Although the last two rounds of the game have been baptized by a draw, the overall performance can still be trusted, and this time is undoubtedly the target of pursuit.

Gingang hasn’t won four league matches in the new season, and only includes 3 draws and 1 loss. It is the team with the most draws so far. In the last round, Amiens lost 2 goals at home, ending the previous 3 consecutive draws, and the state gradually declined. Moreover, the team was only ranked in the middle last season, known for a draw, and the probability of a draw was close to 50%. Moreover, the team's ability to play away is average. This scene against Auxerre who is in good shape, Guingamp's trip is still better.

It can be seen from the historical confrontation that neither team has much advantage.


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