2021 Swimming World Cup schedule announced, Jinan, China hosts second stop

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On August 17, Beijing time, the FINA announced the schedule for the 2021 Swimming World Cup Series.

The 6-stop Swimming World Cup originally scheduled to be held in 2020 will be postponed to September 2021, and will continue to be held in December next year. Qualifiers for the World Pool Swimming Championships. As one of the host cities of the event, Jinan, China, will host the second leg of the 2021 Swimming World Cup Series. It is reported that the second race is scheduled to be held in September 2021, and the specific date has not yet been determined.

The 2021 Swimming World Cup series is determined to be 6 stations, which will start in September next year in Singapore, Jinan, China, Berlin, Germany, Budapest, Hungary, Doha, Qatar, and Russia. Held in Kazan. The venue for the opening match of the Swimming World Cup next year will be chosen between two Asian cities, Singapore and Jinan. The specific competition time will be announced later.

According to the FINA, these 6 World Cup series are all held in the short pool (25 meters), and at the same time, the short pool swimming will be postponed to next December. Qualifying for the World Championships.

So far, the specific dates for the Singapore and Jinan stations have not yet been determined. The time and location of the next 4 races have been clarified-the third race will be held in Berlin, Germany from October 1st to 3rd; the fourth race will be held in Budapest, Hungary from October 7th to 9th; October 21st From January to 23rd, the fifth race will be held in Doha, Qatar, and the last stop will be Kazan, Russia from October 28th to 30th.

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