The world’s top five sports rankings, with high economic benefits of football and high income for boxers

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China is a big sports country. In recent years, Chinese athletes have achieved very good results in the Olympic Games. So as a member of such a big sports country, what kind of sports do you like? Do you know what the five major sports in the world are? Now, let’s get to know the rankings of the world’s five major sports with 360 Knowledge Network! (original text from)

The top five sports in the world

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1, football, 2, boxing, 3. Tennis, 4. Swimming, 5. Basketball. (From the media)

1. Football

Football, English football, is known as the "world's No. 1 sport" and the most influential sport in the global sports world.

Football originated from Cuju in the Ming Dynasty in my country and then spread to Europe. Football is the number one sport in the world, and it is also the number one in the world in terms of fan base and economic benefits. The annual World Cup makes many fans crazy.

2. Boxing

Boxing is currently the highest income item for athletes in international sports. The Olympic boxing matches we have seen are only amateur competitions. There are also professional leagues of five major boxing organizations. The well-known boxing champions Ali and Tyson are all world-class boxing champions.

Boxing is called "the sport of the brave." There are many records about boxing as early as in ancient Greece and Rome. In the ancient Olympics, boxing was already one of the competition events. By the third Modern Summer Olympics in St. Louis, men's boxing was officially included in the competition.

3. Tennis

Tennis is a ball game, usually played between two singles players or two pairs of combinations. The player hits the tennis ball with a racket across the net on the tennis court.

Tennis should be a sport that the Chinese people are more familiar with. Although the popularity of sports is not high, as an aristocratic sport, its international influence is still very large, and the Lawrence Award in sports is big. Part of the winners are tennis players.

4. Swimming

The popularity of swimming is very high. It is also second only to track and field in the Olympic Games, and there are also outstanding swimmers such as Phelps and Sun Yang.

With the development of swimming, swimming is divided into two categories: practical swimming and competitive swimming. Practical swimming is divided into sidestroke, snorkeling, reverse breaststroke, treading water, rescue, etc.; competitive swimming is divided into breaststroke, crawl, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle. The levels are: three-level, two-level, first-level, master, and international master.

5. Basketball

Basketball is one of the world's three major balls, and it is especially popular among young people in my country. Basketball also has its world's top competitions, and there are many people around the world. The NBA league has top athletes from all over the world. Our country also has excellent football players such as Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian.


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