Tianzhu GYM | Probably the most stunning outdoor swimming pool in Zhengzhou.

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Swimming pools, green trees, music, beach loungers, in Tianzhu, life is like vacationing.

Take a dip in the water on a hot day. It is refreshing and comfortable. The swimming pool is your magical device to escape the heat.

No more envy of other people's pool parties. Hot

The bikini girl is downstairs.

Apart from summer heat, swimming You can also exercise. Think of those

swimmers, all of which are so good that you lick the screen.

How about, in the most suitable summer for swimming, it’s cool and refreshing and you lose weight. Don’t be too happy! Hurry up and join us!

Method one, sign up for the Smart Fitness Tianzhudian swimming course

2017 summer children’s swimming training

1. Enrollment target: children aged 6-15

2. Registration fee:

Excellent class (5-6 students)

Price: 2000 yuan/person, 12 lessons

Ordinary class (10-12 students)

Price: 1,800 yuan/person, 12 lessons

Can summer swimming classes ensure that children learn to swim?

As long as the child cooperates with the coach and proceeds according to the teaching schedule, they can learn. However, some children between the ages of 5-7 are afraid of water and difficult to communicate, and the effect may be worse. From the perspective of learning swimming is learning a survival skill, children should learn a lesson. As for the degree of learning, it depends on the child's individual situation.

3. Children must bring their own swimming suits, swimming caps, swimming goggles, swimming rings, and back floats in class.

4, training rewards

After the last class, there will be a children’s swimming competition ,

For the top three children, if parents apply for the annual card, there will be a discount.

One person discounts 300 yuan,

Second place discounts 200 yuan,

100 yuan discount for the third place.

2017 Adult Swimming Training

1. Enrollment target: body Those who are healthy and free of disease are welcome.

Suffer from infectious diseases, heart disease, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease,

Frail and other not suitable for swimming Please do not sign up.

2. Registration fee:

One-to-one swimming private lessons:

1 2 class hours are 330 yuan/session,

24 class hours are 315 yuan/session,

36 class hours are 300 yuan per lesson,

Each lesson is 60 minutes.

One-to-two swimming private lessons:

12 class hours 240 yuan/session/person,


24 class hours 230 yuan/session/person,

36 Class hours are 220 yuan/session/person,

Each lesson is 90 minutes.

The private lessons for smart fitness members are common, that is, the original fitness private lessons can also be used for private lessons in the swimming pool. For "zero" basic students, they usually learn about 12 classes, which may vary according to individual circumstances.

Method two, purchase smart fitness Tianzhu store annual card or single entry consumption

single entry price : 129 yuan.

(Use 129 points)

Year card Price: 4200 yuan.

Smart Fitness Tianzhu Quanneng Store VIP Appointment Line


Taking advantage of the leisure in summer, come to the pool to have fun,

Cool and refreshing activities bring full vitality to troubled life!

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