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After Liu Xiang’s demonstration, do students have the opportunity to train hurdles every day?

News from Beijing on July 15th. Yesterday the Chinese Olympic Committee announced the list of Chinese sports delegations participating in the Tokyo Olympics. A total of 431 athletes participated in 225 events.

There are a total of 339 small events in the Tokyo Olympics, that is, 339 gold medals. The Chinese team only participated in 225 events. It was not qualified for 114 events and lost at least one third of the competition opportunity.

Our strengths are still concentrated in diving, table tennis, and weightlifting; while the past strengths in gymnastics, shooting, and badminton have declined; we are not competitive in the basic track and field and swimming, which have the most gold medals. .

It is not difficult to see that our strengths are still concentrated in a few elite athletes that can achieve results through intensive training, such as diving and weightlifting. But in the events where the most extensive people participate, such as track and field, swimming, football, basketball, etc., we are not competitive, and we cannot even qualify for the Olympic Games.

Chinese men's athletes are not eligible to participate in most track and field events. If this Olympics fails to win a medal, it is not big news. The situation is similar for swimming.

It is worth mentioning that the three major basketball and volleyball balls, beach volleyball, seven-a-side rugby, water polo, handball, hockey, and baseball. In addition to three-man basketball, Chinese men's players missed all ball games. .

Then why is this?

Three reasons.

1. Mass foundation

Develop sports and enhance people's physical fitness. This should be our basic policy for developing the Olympic Movement. Only when the number of people involved increases, it is possible to select better talents.

But what we have seen is that most of today’s primary and secondary schools have cancelled track and field games. When I still reminisce about winning the 1500m championship in the first year of high school, the children now only show off the glory of the king.

It's not that the situation abroad is better. The number of teenagers playing football in Europe is also decreasing, and the impact of the game is also huge. However, American elementary and secondary schools are indeed worthy of our study in the class setting and competition system of gymnastics, track and field, and swimming. Of course, there are also the baseball and football elementary and secondary education systems in Japan.

Everyone should enjoy the possibility of engaging in sports without any form of discrimination.

But to be honest, it is very difficult for an ordinary person to find a 400-meter track and test the 800-meter performance by himself. No venue!

2. Selection mechanism

The selection mechanism of the Olympic delegation in each country and region is different. Europe chooses from clubs and the United States chooses from universities. We are permanent The national team, but trials have been added in recent years.

Because the physical education and sports competition systems of elementary schools, middle schools, and universities are separated, there is no complete and continuous score recording system, competition score system, so it is difficult for us to select from a wider crowd Talent.

If we are still selecting talents from the so-called sports school training and the sports bureau system of various provinces and cities, then in basic major items, such as track and field, swimming, gymnastics, and the three major balls of basketball and volleyball, talents The scarcity is obvious.

3. Elite training plan

The kid Phelps from the North Baltimore Aquatic Club may be a special case. His growth and training are indeed consistent with The U.S. Olympic Committee has little ties.

But most of the top players in Europe and the United States will still have the assistance of individual associations and Olympic Committee funding and training coaches.

For Chinese athletes, high-level coaching and training programs are indeed a powerful guarantee for improving performance. Taking the sailing event as an example, high-level European coaches have allowed the Chinese team to make great progress in this world sports basic event. We will participate in the 8 events of the Olympic GamesSix, this is already a victory.

Concluding remarks

If we have been among the top three in the Olympic medal list for many years, and we have proved ourselves as a sports power with the number of gold medals, then, We also need to participate more widely to prove that we are a sports power.

Don’t overemphasize the gold medal. As long as there are Chinese athletes in the finals of track and field and swimming, as long as the basketball platoon can qualify for the Olympic team, we can proudly say that we are the real Yes, sports power!

Attachment: Analysis of the list of Chinese sports delegations for the Tokyo Olympics. 30 gold is sure and another 20 gold points


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