How much is a ticket for the 2021 National Games

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Detailed price list of the 14th National Games sports competition

Ticket prices for popular competitions

➤Swimming (including swimming, diving, synchronized swimming) finals and semi-finals ticket prices: 400 yuan, 200 yuan, 80 yuan Yuan

➤Ticket prices for badminton finals and semifinals: 300 yuan, 200 yuan, 80 yuan

➤Ticket prices for futsal basketball finals and semifinals: 400 yuan, 200 yuan, 80 yuan

➤Ticket prices for table tennis finals and semifinals: 300 yuan, 200 yuan, 80 yuan

➤Ticket prices for three-person basketball finals and semifinals: 100 yuan, 80 yuan

➤Ticket prices for track and field finals and semi-finals: 80 yuan, 50 yuan

Important note:The ticket price of the 14th National Games is not a package Pass price, you need to buy tickets according to the time when you buy tickets (the time has not been announced yet, it will be displayed when you buy tickets in mid-August)

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