The strongest lineup of the Chinese team wins the bronze medal in the men's 4×200m freestyle relay

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Original title: This bronze medal is really spelled out.

This newspaper, Hangzhou (Reporter Li Yuanfei) Yesterday was the fourth day of the Hangzhou Short Pool Swimming World Championships. Two young players from the Chinese team, Wang Jian Jiahe and Li Bingjie, were in the women’s 400 meters. In the freestyle finals, he won one silver and one bronze. But what is more interesting is that the four young men in the Chinese men's 4×200m freestyle relay won the bronze medal for the Chinese team with a world record performance. This is also the first time that the Chinese men's team has boarded the short-pool swimming world championship relay event. Podium.

The Chinese swimming team has always attached great importance to relay events, because it best reflects the team spirit and overall strength. In the men's 4×200m freestyle relay last night, the Chinese team sent the strongest lineup composed of Ji Xinjie, Xu Jiayu, Sun Yang and Wang Shun. Among them, Xu Jiayu, who advanced to the 50-meter backstroke final as third in the semi-finals, even voluntarily gave up the backstroke final that was close to the relay competition in order to ensure his physical fitness.

Last night, there were no empty seats in the Xiaolianhua Gymnasium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. As soon as the four boys of the Chinese team came out hand in hand, the audience cheered. Ji Xinjie, who was the first to enter the water, bit the leading Brazilian player in the first 100 meters, but fell to sixth after 150 meters. In the second bat, Xu Jiayu only used 50 meters to raise the Chinese team's ranking to fourth, and then completed the surpassing of the American team at 175 meters, passing the third place to Sun Yang's hands. After Sun Yang entered the water, he rushed to catch up. After 150 meters, he had narrowed the gap between the Chinese team and the Brazilian team to less than one second. By the time he turned 175 meters, he almost went hand in hand with the Brazilian players. When Sun Yang handed over to Wang Shun, the Chinese team was not much ahead, but it was already the first on the field.

Wang Shun’s last baton swam out at 1:41.93, only slightly slower than Sun Yang and Xu Jiayu, but the fourth batting ability of Brazil and Russia is too strong, Brazil team The fourth rod of the Russian team swam out of 1:40.98, and the score of the Russian team's fourth rod was 1:41.08. Wang Shun finally hit the wall for the third time, but the Chinese team's 6:47.53 score also broke the original world record of 6:49.04.

"Very excited!" Ji Xinjie said after the game, "Dipped in the light of the three big brothers, together we won a precious and hard-won medal for the Chinese team!" Give up the 50-meter backstroke final Xu Jiayu said: "Sacrificing the individual to achieve the greater me, team spirit is particularly important. I also showed it today, and thank the other three teammates." Sun Yang said: "We defeated the American team today, very happy! No matter how long they are The pool is still a short pool. It has been the overlord in the 4×200m freestyle relay for many years. Our medal today is a breakthrough and a world record."

(Editor in charge: Yang Lei, Hu Xuerong)

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