List of Olympic medal winners on July 30: The Chinese team won another 4 golds, 3 silvers and 2 bronzes. Japan and Russia each have two golds and the United States has no gold.

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All 21 gold medals on July 30 With the performance of Wang Shun, Zhu Xueying, Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping and Ma Long, the Chinese delegation won four more gold medals, in addition to 3 silvers and 2 bronzes. Japan and Russia also received two golds each, while the United States has no gold medals. At present, the Chinese delegation continues to top the gold medal list with 19 golds, 10 silvers and 11 bronzes. Here are today’s medal winners:

Rowing women’s single sculls:

Gold medal: Tivig (New Zealand)

Silver medal: Plakazen (Russia)

Bronze medal: Lonig (Austria)

Rowing men's single sculls:

Gold medal: Ntusks (Greece)

Silver medal: Bocci (Norway)

Bronze medal: Martin (Croatia)

Women's rowing 8-person boat:

Gold medal: Canada

Silver medal: New Zealand

Bronze medal: China (Wang Zifeng/Wang Yuwei/ Xu Fei/Miao Tian/Zhang Min/Ju Rui/Li Jingjing/Guo Linlin/Zhang Dechang)

Rowing men's 8-person boat:

Gold medal: New Zealand

Silver Medal: Germany

Bronze Medal: United Kingdom

Swimming Women’s 200m Breaststroke:

Gold Medal : Schonmaker (South Africa)

Silver Medal: Lily-Gold (United States)

Bronze Medal: Razzell (United States)

Swimming men’s 200-meter backstroke:

Gold medal: Relov (Russia)

Silver medal: Murphy (United States)

Bronze medal: Greenbank ( United Kingdom)

Swimming Women’s 100m Freestyle:

Gold Medal: McKeon (Australia)

Silver Medal: He Shibei (China Hong Kong)

Bronze medal: C-Campbell (Australia)

Swimming men’s 200m individual medley:

Gold medal: Wang Shun (China)

Silver Medal: Scott (UK)

Bronze Medal: Desplanches (Switzerland)


Gold Medal: Kingman (Netherlands)

Silver Medal: Witte (UK)

Bronze Medal: Ramirez-Yeppes (Colombia)

BMX Women's BMX:

Gold Medal: Schrivor (UK)

Silver Medal: Pa Jong (Colombia)

Bronze Medal: Smulders (Netherlands)

Shooting women’s 25m sports pistol:

Gold Medal :Bazerashkina (Russia)

Silver Medal: Jin Minzhen (South Korea)

Bronze Medal: Xiao Jia Ruixuan (China)

Trampoline Women:

Gold Medal: Zhu Xueying (China)

Silver Medal: Liu Lingling (China) )

Bronze medal: Peggy (UK)

Badminton mixed doubles:

Gold medal: Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping (China)

Silver Medal: Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong (China)

Bronze Medal: Watanabe Yudai/ Higashino (Japan)

Kayak Slalom Men's Kayak:

Gold Medal: Purskavic (Czech Republic)

Silver Medal: Grigar (Slovakia)

Bronze Medal: Egna (Germany)

Archery female individual:

Gold Medal: Ansan (South Korea)

Silver Medal: Ospova (Russia)

Bronze Medal: Boyari (Italy)

Judo Women's +78 kg class:

Gold Medal: Sugen Teru (Japan)

Silver Medal: Ortiz (Cuba)

Bronze Medal: Jindzeska (Azerbaijan), Dico (France)

Judo Men's +100kg:

Gold Medal: Kerpalek ( Czech Republic)

Silver Medal: Tushshvili (Georgia)

Bronze Medal: Rine (France), Basayev (Russia)

Men's Fencing Epee Team:

Gold Medal: Japan

Silver Medal: Russia

Bronze Medal: South Korea

Tennis men's doubles:

Gold medal: Mektic/Pavic (Croatia)

Silver medal: Cilic/Dodig (Croatia)


Bronze medal: Daniel/Venus (New Zealand)

Men's track and field 10,000 meters:

Gold medal: Barrega (Ethiopia)

Silver Medal: Cheput Gai (Uganda)

Bronze Medal: Kiplimer (Uganda)

Male Table Tennis Single:

Gold Medal: Ma Long (China)

Silver Medal: Fan Zhendong (China)

Bronze Medal: Ocharov (Germany)​​​​


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