Ye Shiwen is the most shining Chinese legionary to take 4 gold

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In the early morning of August 1, Beijing time, the 2012 London Olympics ended on the 4th day of the competition. The Chinese Legion swept away from the previous day's decline and today won a total of 4 gold medals in diving, fencing, swimming and weightlifting; in addition, there is also a silver medal in Judo by Xu Lili and a bronze medal in the men's 4x200m freestyle relay. On the gold medal list, the Chinese Army continued to lead with 13 gold medals, and the American Army followed closely with 9 gold medals. In the medal standings, the Chinese and American teams continued to advance side by side with 23 medals.

Swimming: Ye Shiwen re-enacts a magical title and Sun Yang leads his team to pick bronze in relay

In the early morning of August 1, Beijing time, in the women’s 200m medley at the London Olympics, the 16-year-old Chinese teenager Ye Shiwen performed magic again and won the gold medal with a time of 2:07.57, breaking the Olympic record. After repeating the 400-meter medley in the Olympic Games, he won the gold medal again. Therefore, Ye Shiwen became another Chinese athlete who won gold in the Olympic Games after Lin Li in 1992. He was also the first Chinese swimming team to win two gold medals in Olympic history. From then on, Ye Shiwen opened a new era of Chinese swimming, shouldering the important task of the Chinese swimming team to dominate the world.

In the men's 4X200m freestyle competition, the four Chinese team members Hao Yun, Li Yunqi, Jiang Haiqi and Sun Yang performed well. The Chinese team won another bronze medal with a good result of 7:06.30. This is the first medal in the men's swimming team event in the Olympics. Hao Yun, Li Yunqi, Jiang Haiqi and Sun Yang made history for the Chinese team.

Ye Shiwen once again played magically to win the championship

Diving: Double 10-meter platform to win gold Chen Ruolin/Wang Hao Yiqi Juechen

At 22:00 on July 31st, Chen Ruolin/Wang Hao won the championship with 368.40 points in the women's doubles 10-meter diving competition at the London Olympics and won the 10th gold for the Chinese delegation. Chen Ruolin/Wang Hao has been invincible since they cooperated in 2011. They won both the 2011 Shanghai Swimming World Championships and the 2012 Diving World Cup. Since entering the Olympics in 2000, Chinese athletes have never missed a gold medal in the women's double 10-meter platform, and among all eight diving events, the Chinese team has never missed an Olympic event.

Chen Ruolin/Wang Hao Yiqi Juechen

Fencing: Thunder achieved a historic breakthrough and won the first gold in the history of a male flower

In the early morning of August 1, Beijing time, in the finals of the 2012 London Olympics Men's Foil Individual Competition, Chinese player Thunder defeated Egypt's Aledin Apolkasim 15-13, achieving a historic breakthrough and winning The first Olympic gold medal in the history of Chinese men's foil. Among the other two players, Ma Jianfei stopped in the top 8 and Zhu Jun missed the top 16.

Thunder achieves a historic breakthrough and embraces and celebrates with the coach

Weightlifting: Lin Qingfeng won the 69 kg class and won the men's first gold in London

At 3:55 on August 1st, Beijing time, in the just-concluded 2012 London Olympics weightlifting competition of 69 kg, Chinese athlete Lin Qingfeng won the championship with a snatch of 157 kg, a clean and jerk of 187 kg, and a total score of 344 kg. This is the first gold medal won by our men’s weightlifting team in this Olympics, and it is also the 13th gold medal won by the Chinese sports delegation.

Won the first gold in the men's sports club in London

Ping pong: Li Xiaoxia joins Ding Ning, and the women's table tennis takes the singles championship and runner-ups

On the evening of July 31st, the London OlympicsThe table tennis event began the women's singles semi-final competition. No. 2 seed Li Xiaoxia defeated the new-generation Japanese idol Kasumi Ishikawa and joined Ding Ning in the final, so that the Chinese team won the women's singles championship and runner-up ahead of schedule.

Judo: Xu Lili's 63 kg silver picks China's first medal

On the evening of July 31st, Chinese player Xu Lili met Slovenia's Zorny in the final of the 63 kg judo competition at the London Olympics. Zonier had beaten his opponent in all previous games, and the momentum was flourishing. Facing such an opponent, Xu Lili actively attacked, but she finally lost to her opponent and won a precious silver medal. This is the first medal of the Chinese Judo team in this Olympic Games.

Gymnastics: The defending champion missed the medal. The girls shed tears on the Olympic stadium

The Chinese women's team consisting of Yao Jinnan, Sui Lu, Huang Qiushuang, He Kexin and Deng Linlin is vying for a bronze medal. However, the performance of the final was still unsatisfactory. Because the vaulting event was weak, the defending champion Chinese team had to put the difficulty on the dominant event. In the free exercise competition of the dominant event, the teenager Huang Qiushuang made a mistake, although the Chinese women's team was in the final He performed well in the vaulting competition, but eventually won the fourth place with a total score of 174.430 points and missed the medal. When the US team shed tears of joy after winning the championship, the Chinese team and the Russian team cried very sadly.

Men's Basketball: China loses 54-73 to Russia, the team qualifying situation is grim

In the second round of Group B competition in the Olympic Basketball Stadium, the Chinese men's basketball team lost to the Russian men's basketball team with a low score of 54-73 after four quarters, and suffered two consecutive losses, while the Russian men's basketball team won two consecutive victories. . After losing to Spain in the first game, the Chinese men's basketball team still did not score. In the two games of this group, the goal of qualifying for the group seems a bit difficult.

Women's music: 0-0 draw with Belgium, missed two consecutive victories, increased difficulty in qualifying

In the second round of the group stage of the women’s hockey competition, the Chinese women’s music drew 0-0 with the Belgian team, which is the weakest in this group. The group stage record was one win and one loss, and the difficulty of qualifying for the group increased a lot. The Chinese team had 5 short corner opportunities in the whole game, but unfortunately they all missed. Because the Belgian team was the weakest opponent in the group stage, the Chinese women's song unfortunately missed the best chance of winning two consecutive victories.

Tennis: First sister Li Na was eliminated in doubles again, bid farewell to this Olympics

In the second round of the women's tennis doubles match, the Chinese combination Li Na/Zhang Shuai lost 0-2 to the Czech combination Andrea Hlavakova/Lucy Hradeka and was out. Since Li Na had been eliminated in the first round of the singles match before, Li Na has ended her journey to the Olympic Games after this defeat.

The world: Philippine fish with mixed blessings and sorrows, 4 gold in a single day in the United States

Like the Chinese Army, the US team also received 4 gold today. The US team currently ranks second in the gold medal list with 9 golds, 8 silvers and 6 bronzes, while the medal list is tied for the first place with the Chinese team. Phelps was mixed. In his best men's 200m butterfly final, he was surpassed by South Africa's Kloss at the last minute and only won 1 silver medal. This was the first time that the Philippine fish failed in this event in a competition. Phelps was too late to be sad, and it didn't take long for him to help the US team win the men's 4X200m freestyle relay championship. This is Phelps’s first gold in London and the 19th medal in his personal career, surpassing the former Soviet gymnast Larissa Latina to become the first person in the history of the 116th Olympic Games! The US team won 2 gold in the pool today. In addition to the men's 4X200m freestyle relay, there was also a women's 200m freestyle. Schmidt easily won the gold. On the other hand, the American women's gymnastics team performed almost perfect today, and they won the championship with absolute advantage.

Of the 15 gold medals produced today, the Chinese team and the US team won 4 each, and the other 7 were divided among the German team (2), Kazakhstan, South Korea, Slovenia, France and South Africa. What made the Chinese Army a little depressed was that the girl named Yao Li and now Maneza in the women's 63 kg class won the championship. This is the second gold medal won by the former Chinese athletes for the Kazakhstan delegation at the London Olympics. And they are all in the women's sports event!

In the men's basketball game, the French men's basketball team captured the Argentine men's basketball team, the British men's basketball team was reluctant to defeat the Brazilian men's basketball team, and the Dream Ten team easily defeated the Tunisian men's basketball team. In the tennis match, Russian star Sharapova and American star Serena Williams both successfully entered the women's singles top 16. The men's singles arena, the British darling Murray andDjokovic also won each. In addition, the Japanese women's football team drew 0-0 with the South African women's football team to reach the top 8. The American women's football team won 3 consecutive victories with a small 1-0 victory over the North Korean women's football team.


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