Why does Sun Yang seem to be isolated by the Western swimming world?

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It has been more than half a year since the last time I wrote about Sun Yang. This matter finally came to light. Today, Sun Yang was arbitrated by international sports The court (CAS) was banned for eight years, the reason for the ruling was: Sun Yang did not fully cooperate with the anti-doping inspection and did not have sufficient proof why The test samples were destroyed, but Sun Yang's previous results were retained, which also proved that Sun Yang did not take stimulants.

I saw a news on Weibo that Horton’s teammates resisted inspections three times a year, and they were only suspended for 1 year. Sun Yang refused to be inspected by unqualified personnel and was instead suspended for 8 years. , Think about it, this double standard behavior is also quite ridiculous.

What does the eight-year ban mean to Sun Yang? It means that the career is over! It means that this year’s Tokyo Olympics cannot be participated, and all previous efforts have been in vain! It means that you will be marked as banned in the future, allowing those villains to ridicule at will! This completely defeated Sun Yang, and to be honest, it was very sad.

Anyway, I believe in Sun Yang and support Sun Yang’s appeal! Hope to get a fair result in the end!

This is Sun Yang’s Weibo response:

The following is the original answer:

Sun Yang’s affair said in a few words: "I am bullied by others and foreigners. There is no problem. I can resist. But I am bullied by my own people... Holden is a foreigner and faces his slander. , We can resist and refute; but when this is spoken from our own mouths, it is more chilling than foreigners say."

In the 18th World Swimming Championships a few days ago Sun Yang won the 400m freestyle championship.

After Sun Yang won his first gold in the World Championships, he would stand on the stage with the silver and bronze medal winners, waiting for the awards.

This was the most honorable moment, but Horton, the silver medalist, got up and stood under the stage with his hands on his back, and refused to walk on the podium.

After the national anthem was played, the three contestants wanted to take a group photo, but Horton refused to take a photo with Sun Yang intimately, and was reluctant to get close to Sun Yang.

Coincidentally, in the 200m freestyle awards, the British player Scott, who was tied for third place, also refused to take a photo with the champion Sun Yang.

Later in an interview, Scott gave out the reason for doing this:

Sun Yang does not respect swimming. Sports, then all athletes, like Holden, will not respect Sun Yang.

Then the turmoil intensified, and many athletes came to condemn Sun Yang, and even said that Sun Yang should not come to participate in swimming competitions again!

So what exactly did Sun Yang do to make these people so dissatisfied?

In fact, most of the people who attacked Sun Yang were talking about the two drug test incidents.

For the first time, in 2014, Sun Yang was suspended for three months due to a positive urine test.

However, the fact is that Sun Yang was diagnosed with viral myocarditis and has been taking a heart medicine that contains the illegal ingredient trimetazidine.

This ingredient was included in the banned list in January 2014, but it was allowed to be used in the "Guidelines for the Use of Therapeutic Drugs for Athletes" issued in 2014... …There is a problem with this manual.

Later, the World Anti-Doping Agency refused to appeal. This means that Sun Yang has no problem at all, but the media has never reported much about this.The facts behind these.

The second time was the flying drug test in 2018.

The FINA issued a 59-page detailed report on Sun Yang’s incident. During this inspection, three people came to Sun Yang’s home.

But among the three, only the inspector had a certificate, and the other two did not have IDTM certificates at all.

Sun Yang expressed his suspicion at the time. The tester did not bring all the documents. What if he moves his hands and feet in the blood later? That may face a lifetime ban. You must be careful!

Although Sun Yang had doubts, he took urine and blood, only asking the other party to send a documented assistant to take it.

But the inspector refused, and his assistant secretly took a lot of photos next to him. The scene was out of control for a while. Later, Sun Yang's security personnel opened the safe deposit box with a hammer and took the blood sample.

Although the use of a hammer is improper, Sun Yang has been actively cooperating with the investigation, only asking the other party to come to a reasonable and legal staff member.

At the end of the report, the FINA ruled that Sun Yang was innocent! Did not take stimulants! Fully qualified to participate in this World Championship!

In addition, everyone knows that since Sun Yang came to prominence, he was good at freestyle swimming in Australia Competition for gold and silver in the project.

Sun Yang also broke the 1500m freestyle world record held by the Australian star Hackett for ten years, and became one of the strongest opponents of the Australian swimming team.

Sun Yang won a total of 21 medals in the Olympics and World Championships, but Horton has only four in total.

In this game, the "Houghton" farce, slander, insult, and scorn, tried every means to target Sun Yang on the field.

Is it just for the maintenance of fairness? Isn't there a trace of jealousy? Didn't you want to take the opportunity to influence the game behind Sun Yang?

Furthermore, even if the "Hortons" have difficulties, you can crush Sun Yang on the field and swim a championship to prove to the world.

This kind of splashing behavior on the court does not respect the game process and is meaningless. It is naive and ridiculous.

As netizens commented:

"Holden’s behavior not only embarrassed himself but also embarrassed Australia. , Humiliating the spirit of sportsmanship, but also showed us an image of lack of manners, courtesy, and level."

Looking back at Sun Yang, he was calm and calm, played normally in the game, and generous."

Take the initiative to shake hands with other players.

Because Sun Yang knows,

"Many times I don't have to be a "snatch" to prove myself, and I don't need to respond to them one by one." >

The best way to stop others' mouths is to speak with strength.

But Horton’s series of absurd behaviors were considered correct "heroic" behaviors in Australian media reports.

They insisted that Sun Yang was suspected of stimulants, and even reached the point of personal attack.

The well-known Australian media "The Herald Sun" publicly expressed support for Horton, with the headline: Horton refuses to share the stage with drug crooks.

The Australian media TheTodayShow even invited the legendary Australian swimming superstar Dawn Fraser, who has reached 82 years of age, to bombard Sun Yang.

Dawn Fraser threatened, "I think Sun Yang’s behavior is disgusting. He shouldn’t swim. We all know that he smashed his blood bottle. He is a drug. fraud". "If I were there, I would kick him from behind."

When commenting on the Australian TV show The Today Show, the commentator deliberately discredited China. Said: Both Russia and China are famous for using banned drugs.

In addition, British media Barstool Sports criticized Sun Yang on Twitter as a scammer who cheated on drugs.

The American media Sportopia also expressed disgusting on Twitter! Said Sun Yang was a swimmer who "drugged cheating".

These media have all kinds of unrestricted comments, do not respect the formal process of the game, andIn an attempt to discredit Sun Yang and try to guide public opinion, their ugly face makes people feel even more angry.

Actually, it is not the first time that these media have discredited Sun Yang. Since Sun Yang became famous, he has suffered too many questions, curses, and insults...

He doesn't care. This big boy has a simple mind. He sheds tears when he is separated from his parents. When he is misunderstood, he will shut himself in the house without eating or drinking. He is afraid of being photographed by the media.

However, Sun Yang knew that the best way to fight back against those people was to work hard in silence and prove his strength with his achievements.

In 2014, Sun Yang underwent paronychia surgery on both feet. He couldn't get wet and was inconvenient to walk.

He was covered with plasters, and he had to use machines for physical therapy every day. At that time, the whole person was in very bad condition.

But in order to prepare for the Incheon Asian Games, his Sun Yang strictly required himself to perform frantically physical training and only eat a little greens and fruits a day.

In this way, he lost 22 pounds in a month, and all the indicators have returned to the previous ones.

In January 2016, Sun Yang suffered an accidental fracture of his right metatarsal before preparing for the Rio Olympics.

But even if the injury was so serious, in order to prepare for the battle, Sun Yang took a fixed stand to train on the 11th day and used a protective gear to paddle with one foot.

Watching him swimming is really admirable.

Shu Zhongsheng said that Sun Yang swims in the water for 4 hours every day.

Whether it is sunny or rainy,

Whether it is early morning or 3 am, Sun Yang insists on swimming without interruption!

Sun Yang started practicing at the age of 7, swimming 3,000 meters a day on average, and became a professional athlete at the age of 12, swimming 13,000 meters a day on average.

From the age of 7 to the present, he has trained for at least 5,000 days, circling the earth for 40,000 kilometers. In this calculation, Sun Yang has swam around the earth for more than 1 lap. .

It is this kind of effort that allowed Sun Yang to gain countless impressive achievements.

At the 2012 London Olympics, Sun Yang won the men's 400m freestyle and men's 1500m freestyle champion Sun Yang, becoming China's first Olympic champion in men's swimming.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Sun Yang won the 200-meter freestyle and became the Asia’s first Olympic champion in the men’s 200-meter freestyle.

In the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, Sun Yang won the champion in the 400-meter freestyle finals in the men’s 200-meter freestyle and 800-meter freestyle finals.

Sun Yang is still the world record holder for the men's 1500m freestyle and the record holder for the men's 400m freestyle.

Smearing and reversing right and wrong may temporarily manipulate public opinion, but it can never obliterate those brilliant achievements.

Sun Yang, someone will see your efforts! You are the well-deserved number one!

After Sun Yang suffered injustice abroad, many domestic netizens not only did not support her, but attacked Sun Yang, insulted, and even said A lot of unbearable words.

He fought hard in a game in a foreign country, but people in the country blamed him everywhere. How chilling was Sun Yang when he saw these comments? !

You know, Sun Yang is 28 years old, and he should have retired at this age.

But he refused to quit, and won the world championship time and time again, which proved it to people all over the world.

Sun Yang once said: Now is the most difficult time for swimming in China, I want to stick with it.

I will swim until I am 31, and I will swim until 2022. At that time, at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, the national anthem will be played at home!

From beginning to end, Sun Yang knew that what he shoulders was not only his personal honor, but the whole country.

The Chinese men’s swimming has won 18 gold medals in the World Championships so far, and Sun Yang has won 14 of them!

The weak impression of the Chinese swimming team puts Chinese swimmingImproved to the world's top level.

Sun Yang used world records one by one to prove to the world that we are no longer the "sick man of East Asia". Asians can also be the first in swimming competitions!

Sun Yang uses his own efforts to win glory for the motherland, but some people never care about Sun Yang's achievements or the truth.

These keyboard men would only hide behind the screen, tap on the keyboard with ease, and begin to slander and insult Sun Yang.

The villain is in charge, but the hero sheds tears...

When can we unite once? When can we be tough once? When can we give more understanding and care to the heroes who have won glory for the motherland?

Sun Yang once said:

Whenever standing on the podium, watching the national flag rise and listening to the national anthem. , I am always excited, proud and happy.

Many of us may not be able to raise the national flag in front of the world like Sun Yang, but we can understand and support them more.

So, don't chill Sun Yang anymore.

Don’t wait until we completely lose him, only to discover that we owe him a "sorry".

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