Dominating synchronized swimming for 20 years, why is the Russian synchronized swimming team so strong? _ train

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I also believe that this is a model group

Synchronized swimming is in Russia

It is probably equivalent to

The table tennis event in China

You don’t have to think about how to win each game.

What you need to consider is how to hand the ball to your opponent

Synchronized swimming officially became an Olympic event

It started in Los Angeles in 1984

And here The previous Russian Flower Swimming Team

It’s not as beautiful as it is now

From the first World Synchronized Swimming Championships in 1973

To the Sydney Olympics

Synchronized swimming medals

Has been monopolized by the United States and Canada

Until 1998, the Russian Flower Swimming Team

It really made its mark in the World Championships

In Tatiana Bo Krovskaya

and Tatyana Danchenko

Under the guidance of the two coaches

They started their road to dominance

Whether it is a pair or a group event

The Russian synchronized swimming team is the leader

2000 to 2016

Olympic gold medals only

The Russian flower swimming team took 10 pieces

Among them, Tatyana Pokrovskaya Coach

is the first generation of synchronized swimmers in Russia

She comes from a military family

Very strict when coaching

If there is an athlete who does not practice well

will be taken out of the team to practice alone

One training is a few hours without interruption

You can’t return to the team until the coach passes the check

It is said that during the Tokyo Olympics


Since the Russian Flower Swimming Team arrived in Tokyo

It has maintained 8 hours of underwater training every day

And in order to ensure the completion of the action

Some players still maintain a very low body fat rate all year round

The Russian flower swimming team can be invincible

High-intensity rigorous training is indispensable

In addition to rigorous high-intensity training

The strength of the Russian synchronized swimming team

It also stems from its strong artistic accomplishment

In the training table of the Russian synchronized swimming team

Art courses have never been interrupted

Even if they are not training in the pool

They will choose to watch operas and dramas

Continue Learn performance skills

And the players will also learn ballet from an early age

This has laid a good foundation for their performances

In addition, Russia’s synchronized swimming training

also has a very complete

talent selection mechanism

and a perfectly closed-loop

training system

Every year domestic competitions are held by age group

Select reserve players for the national team

And outstanding retired players

will be arranged to teach the children at the beginning stage

to ensure that the children can receive the most formal training from the beginning

Ultra-high-intensity rigorous training

Experienced coaches

Complete training system

It has created Russia’s leading strength in synchronized swimming

Even in synchronized swimming

World Junior Championships

Russia is able to take the top ten directly

People have good beauty and strength Strong

The dominance of synchronized swimming

Russia sits firmly and steadily

What other superpowers do you know about individual events?

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