Olympic Day 6: Swimming makes history, table tennis wins first gold

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At the Tokyo Olympics on July 29, Chinese players performed a good show of "giving gold" in swimming and table tennis. Zhang Yufei won the championship in the women's 200m butterfly final in 2:03.86, winning the first gold for the Chinese swimming team in this Olympics. An hour later, Zhang Yufei, together with teammates Yang Junxuan, Li Bingjie and Tang Muhan, won the women's 4×200m freestyle relay championship in 7 minutes 40 seconds 33 and broke the world record.

The women's butterfly has always been the traditional advantage of the Chinese swimming army. In the past two decades, the women's butterfly has created countless classic moments for the Chinese delegation to compete for gold and silver.

▲On July 29th, the Chinese team players celebrated their championship. On the same day, the Chinese team won the championship in the women's 4X200m freestyle relay final in the Tokyo Olympics swimming. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Changshe

Zhang Yufei, who played in the women’s 200-meter butterfly as the number one in the preliminary and semi-finals, has a very prominent advantage in this event. She once swam 2 points 04 in the semi-finals. The world's best performance in this project this year was 89 seconds.

In the finals, Zhang Yufei took the lead right after he set off, and his maximum lead reached a half-length position. Since then, the lead has been maintained to the end, without giving the opponent any chance. In the end, she won the championship with a time of 2:03.86 and broke the Olympic record!

The surprise brought by the Chinese swimming team to the Chinese people is not over. One hour later, in the women's 4×200m freestyle relay final, the Chinese team composed of Zhang Yufei and teammates Yang Junxuan, Li Bingjie and Tang Muhan won the championship in 7 minutes 40.33 seconds and broke the world record.

In the two semi-finals of women's table tennis in the morning, Chinese players Sun Yingsha and Chen Meng eliminated Japanese player Mima Ito and Singapore player Yu Mengyu 4-0, and both joined hands to advance to the final. Thus locked the gold medal in advance for the Chinese team.

In the women's table tennis finals in the evening, Chen Meng defeated teammate Sun Yingsha 4-2 to win the first gold medal for the Chinese table tennis team in this Olympics.

▲On July 29, Chinese player Chen Meng won the championship in the women’s singles final of the Tokyo Olympics. The picture shows Chen Meng celebrating scoring in the game. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lv Xiaowei

There were also two table tennis men's singles semi-finals that day. Fan Zhendong, the top seed of the tournament, fought hard in seven games and beat Chinese Taipei teenager Lin Yunru 4 to 3 to reach the final. Subsequently, national table tennis captain Malone and German star Ocharov fought hard for 81 minutes, defeating his opponent by two points in the decisive game, and met Fan Zhendong in the men's singles final.

For the Chinese team to lock the gold medal in advance, there is also badminton mixed doubles. The Chinese combination Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong and Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping advance to the finals together.

For Chinese fans, the match between the Chinese women's volleyball team and the Russian Olympic team was more touching than the gold medal match that day. After five rounds of hard work, the Chinese women's volleyball team unfortunately lost to Russia, and the team qualifying situation is worrying.

On the evening of July 31st, the Chinese women's volleyball team will challenge the Italian team that has won three previous matches in the fourth round of the group stage.

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