Ma Jia won the championship and won three opponents, the United States accidentally lost a gold medal, the gold medal list missed the top 3 _ competition

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Although there was an accident in the United States, the Chinese national team did not. It still maintained a good performance, especially in swimming. Our country won 5 gold medals, which makes people the happiest One is Ma Jia's 200m medley gold medal. Because of the previous 50-meter race, many of us were uncomfortable, but Ma Jia told them with strength that the strong is the strong, and you can't surpass it again.

But fate is such a coincidence. In yesterday’s 200m medley, Ma Jia faced off again The Dutch player who had complained and still won the championship, broke the world record with a time of 2:42.13 and won the gold medal. This gold medal is Ma Jia’s second gold medal at the Paralympic Games. At the same time, another Chinese player Cai Liwen won the silver medal in 2:42.91.. The picture of the two national flags rising again appeared.

And the Dutch player who complained before, the result is not as good as the previous game, the last one was ranked fourth and missed the top three, and this time the 200m medley ranked fifth, and once again missed the medal. . After the results of the game came out, many people were thinking, Will the Dutch player appeal again? If this is the case, will Ma Jia be able to improve her performance again and raise the world record again? Although it is a joke, but you can also hear the meaning of ridicule.

Single-day 8 gold winner

Yesterday swimming He won 5 gold in the field, 1 gold in table tennis, and 1 gold in shooting and weightlifting.

First yesterday, the 1st gold was our country’s player Zhao Shuai. He was in the table tennis of 8th level In the ball singles match, the Ukrainian player was 3-1 victory and won yesterday’s first gold medal. And the second gold is Dong Chao in the SH1 shooting R1-men’s 10m air rifle standing position, with The 246.4 ring broke the Paralympic record and won the Paralympic gold medal. The 3rd gold medal is the Chinese player Deng Xue Mei, who won the women’s weightlifting class over 86 kg with 153 kg Gold Medal.

Yesterday the first 3 gold medals were for table tennis, shooting, and weightlifting, each winning 1 gold, and the last 5 gold medals were all swimming The team earned the first 4th gold yesterday. It was made by Wang Jingang and Jia Hongguang, the men of the S6 level In the 50-meter butterfly competition, won the gold and silver medals in 30.81 seconds and 31.54 seconds. The fifth gold was created by Jiang Yuyan in the In the S6 level women’s 50m butterfly competition, , won the championship with a time of 34.69.

The 6th gold in the S5 level man In the 50m backstroke, Zheng Tao won the championship with a time of 31.48 and broke the world record. Not only that, his teammates Ruan Jingsong and Wang Lichao also won the runner-up and third runner-up, once again letting 3 national flags hoist in the Tokyo arena. The 7th gold Chinese player Lu Dong broke the world record in the S5 women’s 50m backstroke with a score of 37.18. Won the gold medal.

Yesterday’s last gold was the one who won 2 times in the 50m race and broke the world record 2 times Ma Jia, plus yesterday in the SM11 women’s 200m individual medley, won another gold medal in 2:42.14 , Has 3 times defeated the Dutch player, not only won the 54th gold medal for our country, but also showed them what China’s strength is. And another Chinese player, Cai Liwen, won the runner-up in 2:42.91.


The current Winter Paralympic Games On the medal list, my country ranked first with a total of 119 medals of 54 golds, 35 silvers and 30 bronzes, followed by Britain, with a total of 68 medals with 26 golds, 20 silvers and 22 bronzes. Ranked second in medals, but the third place has changed the country. The United States the day before yesterday has now become the Russian Olympic Committee, with a total of 61 medals of 19 golds, 11 silvers and 31 bronzes. Third. However, the United States ranked fourth with a total of 49 medals of 18 gold, 19 silver and 12 bronze.

As the host Japan, it missed the top ten and only won 4gold, 5 silver, 11 bronze results. From this it seems that my country’s surpassing the Rio Olympics is just around the corner, and it is only a matter of time before it can achieve the 5 Paralympic Games titles. And our players are also using actual actions to prove: Our country is the best nation in the world; they let our national anthem ring through the land of Tokyo over and over again, and let our national flag rise again and again. The stadium in Tokyo!

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