"Qingdao Industrial and Commercial Bank Cup" 2020 National Swimming Championships and Tokyo Olympic Games Standards will be held in Qingdao

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"Qingdao Industrial and Commercial Bank Cup" 2020 National Swimming Championships and Tokyo Olympic Games Standards Qualifying Tournament will be held from September 26 to October 2, 2020 at the Qingdao Sports Center Swimming and Diving Hall. This is the fourth time that the National Swimming Championships has been held in Qingdao. It is also the highest-level competition in the rematch of domestic swimming individual events under the normalized prevention and control of the epidemic. It fully reflects the State Administration of Sport’s prevention and control of the epidemic in Qingdao and even Shandong Province and the development of swimming sports. The level of affirmation and strong support.

In accordance with the principle of "government support, innovative competition, and market operation", the government provides business guidance for this event. Enterprises participate in event hosting and coordinate market-oriented operations. The event is hosted by the Swimming Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, China Swimming Association, Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau, Shandong Swimming Management Center, Qingdao Sports Bureau, Qingdao Guoxin Development (Group) Co., Ltd., Shandong Swimming Association, Qingdao Co-organized by City Sports Competition Management Center, Qingdao Badminton Swimming Management Center, Qingdao Guoxin Culture and Sports Industry Co., Ltd.

Race specifications are upgraded, top athletes gather in the island city

2020 National Swimming Championships As the Tokyo Olympics qualifying event, the event specification is the largest swimming event that the island city has ever undertaken. The results of this competition will serve as an important basis for athletes to participate in the Tokyo Olympics next year. National swimming team players will all be present. At that time, Olympic champion Ye Shiwen, Asian Games champion Xu Jiayu, World Championship champion Xin Xin and other famous players will gather in Daocheng to participate in the competition as members of the provincial, municipal, and autonomous regional teams. This year, about 300 athletes from 24 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions will come to Qinghai to participate in the competition. According to the relevant requirements of the State Sports General Administration, in order to strengthen basic physical training, a two-day physical fitness test session will be added before the competition, which will further enhance the competitiveness of the athletes and prepare for the Tokyo Olympics in a good competitive state.

Fully guarantee services and create a high-level event

This event once again landed in Qingdao Guoxin The Swimming and Diving Hall of the Sports Center, as a swimming competition venue with excellent hardware facilities and excellent supporting functions in Qingdao, Guoxin Sports Center has provided various guarantee services around the core links of the competition, upgraded the swimming pool facilities and equipment as a whole, and re-tested and tested the water quality. As a result, all indicators met the requirements. In terms of hotel selection, Guosen Group has chosen the reception service hotel based on the overall principle of "good environment, convenient transportation, and adequate epidemic prevention", and conducted field inspections on the catering production environment, accommodation environment, and epidemic prevention measures to ensure that hotel services and epidemic prevention conditions meet the standards of the competition.

Strictly control the epidemic prevention and ensure the safety of participants

Guoxin Group will prevent and control the epidemic As the top priority of this competition, with the help of the successful experience of the 2019-2020 season CBA rematch epidemic prevention work, strictly in accordance with the work deployment of the Qingdao epidemic prevention and control headquarters and the requirements of the 2020 National Swimming Championship Epidemic Prevention and Control Plan. Do a good job in the prevention and control of various epidemics.

The first is to implement "health file" management. All contestants create temperature files for the 14 days before the competition, accept at least two nucleic acid tests, and set up an infrared body-sensing thermometer at the entrance of the venue , All meet the requirements to enter the venue. The second is to adopt "closed-loop management" for athletes, coaches, and referees. These core participants eat and live in designated areas, and provide bus connections at venues and hotels to minimize contact with the outside world. The third is to kill the venues regularly, and kill the competition venues, training venues and venue channels twice a day in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements. The fourth is to formulate emergency plans in advance, and set up temporary isolation points at the entrances of the hotels and competition venues where they are staying. If there are any abnormalities, medical personnel will intervene as soon as possible.

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