Inventory of the top ten most participated sports in the world

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Among the recognized mainstream sports in the world, most of the first people in their respective events are not disputed. The recognized mainstream sports should be track and field, basketball, football and so on. So do you know which sports are the most involved sports? Today, the editor of the Barra Ranking Network will give you an inventory of the top ten sports in the world with the most participants. Let us take a look.

First place, running (2.04 billion people)

A sport that every person with able-bodied limbs participates in, but 2.04 billion people should be people who regularly take part in running exercises, not people who can run. There are the largest number of runners in the world, but the degree of commercialization of running is very poor. Few people around me like to watch track and field competitions. I don't know why?

Second place, football (750 million people)

It is recognized as the world’s number one sport. Of course, this is in terms of influence, not the number of participants. Fans in countless countries are crazy about it. Football in most countries in the world is the most popular in their respective countries. In recent years, the commercialization of football in China has done a good job. Many fans can enjoy the happiness that football brings to everyone, but the level of Chinese football matches has also been criticized by everyone.

The third place, bicycles (280 million people)

Bicycles are not only one of the most important means of transportation today, but also a favorite of many fitness enthusiasts. At present, there are only three sports with more than 100 million participants. Our country is also known as the kingdom of bicycles.

Fourth place, mountain climbing (83.6 million people)

This is another sport that the whole people participate in. The degree of commercialization is zero, or this kind of sport is not suitable for commercialization, just as it can bring everyone health and happiness.

Fifth place, Rugby (66.4 million people)

Rugby is extremely popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and other countries, and almost no one is engaged in this sport in China.

Sixth place, skating (66 million people)

Skating is a sport with a long history in our country, and speed skating is the most common among everyday enthusiasts.

Seventh place, tennis (47.5 million people)

Tennis is also one of the three noble sports today. It is more popular in European and American countries, and its commercialization is relatively good, but its popularity in China is not high. As an Asian, Li Na has won two Grand Slams. In the hearts of countless people, Liu Xiang and Yao Ming have become the three most influential athletes in the history of sports in our country. Federer, who has won 20 Grand Slams, is not the best spokesperson for this sport. With the increase of Li Na's influence, more and more young people in China have begun to pay attention to tennis.

Eighth place, cricket (44.2 million people)

Cricket originated in the United Kingdom and became very popular in Pakistan, Australia, India and other countries. He is known as a gentleman athlete. Australia is currently the dominant player in this sport.

Ninth place, swimming (41.3 million people)

Swimming is one of the oldest human skills. Almost most people in the world can swim, but there are not so many people who really like swimming, but swimming has a very good exercise effect on people's bodies. Swimming is also the second largest event in the Olympic Games, and it has become a gold medal for many countries.

Tenth place, basketball (34.6 million people)

Basketball originated in the United States. It may only be considered the fourth and fifth sport in the United States, but it has traveled across the oceans and took root in China, becoming the most popular sport in China. The highest level of basketball in the world is the NBA, and the highest level in China is the CBA. Jordan is the basketThe god of ball sports is an unsurpassable myth in this project, and he vigorously promoted the development of this sport in the world.


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