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Athletes in jumping sports and high impact sports such as basketball, football, volleyball have higher bone density, bone mass and bone microstructure parameters;

Periodic low-impact sports such as long-distance running can promote bone microstructure, but the promotion of bone density is not obvious;

Swimming, water polo Non-impact sports such as bicycles and bicycles have no obvious promoting effect on bones.

Athletes in jumping sports and high-impact sports such as basketball, football, volleyball have higher bone density, bone mass and bone microstructure parameters;

Periodic low-impact sports such as long-distance running can promote bone microstructure, but the promotion effect on bone density is not obvious;

Swimming, water polo, bicycle and other non-impact sports have no obvious promotion effect on bones.

In other words, impact sports such as jumping and ball games have the most obvious effect on promoting bone health. According to this research, the editor here recommends 3 exercises to promote the development of children's bones.

Basketball is a confrontational indoor sport centered on shooting, dribbling, passing, layups and dunks. Basketball has higher requirements for reaction, strength and speed. Shooting, layup and rebounding all include jumping actions. In basketball, the impact of frequent jumps can stimulate bones and promote bone growth.

In addition, basketball not only helps young people grow taller quickly, but also has a significant role in promoting muscle strength, especially the muscle strength of the lower limbs. In addition, it can also improve the team consciousness of young people.

Basketball is a group sport, which helps children develop emotional intelligence and extroverted personality. Because basketball is a team sport, winning the final victory by sharing the ball can help children develop a sense of teamwork and competition.

Football is known as the world’s No. 1 sport. The feet dominate the ball, but the head and chest can also be used to control the ball. In football, headers, shots, tackles and fast rushes can all stimulate bones and promote bone development.

With the start and promotion of football, more people will join the football game. In addition, studies have reported that football can improve the body's heart function, muscle function, aerobic capacity, metabolism, balance ability and body weight.

Badminton is a sport with high requirements for reaction, sensitivity and judgment. The impact force generated by jumping technical actions such as smashing can give bones enough benign stimulation, which is conducive to bone development.

Long-term practice of badminton can not only promote the reaction quality, sensitivity and judgment ability of young people, but also promote the health of bone development and other functional systems. Studies have reported that badminton can significantly increase human bone density, and this effect on bone health is better than ice hockey.

Among the above 3 sports that promote children's bone development, which one of your children are most interested in? As the largest youth sports training institution in China, Gionee Sports provides children with professional basketball and football training. Not only will your child fall in love with sports, but it can also help your child quickly master a sports skill.

Ball games have a lot of benefits for young people in the growth and development period. They are summarized as follows

1 Reflection ability. Basketball, football, and badminton don’t just use your body and skills. Sometimes you need your wisdom to think or judge. When you are in the process, if your mind is clear, it is good for your brain's ability to reflect nerves.

2 Enhanced bone development function. Basketball, football and badminton must take some effort to drive muscle power, and it also requires us to have a certain endurance. Then for teenagers, they can better develop and grow their bones, and they will become more and more. strong.

3 Enhance blood circulation. It is very good for the health of the body, and the blood circulation system will become more powerful. Enhance the contractility of myocardium in our body.

4 The sense of unity has increased. Basketball and football are multiplayer sports. What we like most when playing basketball is cooperation. Of course, the cooperation on the basketball court reflects that basketball is not fighting alone. Jordan is very powerful. But his bull dynasty was also made up of five people on the court. You can never ignore the functions of Pippen and Rodman.

5 Enhance physical fitness and cultivate interest. Ball games are a very good sport, and people who play ball games are very healthy.

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