Zhu Ting will go to the Turkish Super League to play in the Turkish Premier League four years later?

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Regarding the rules of gymnastics, the General Administration of Sports also clearly pointed out in this year’s Olympics summary-the rules of many events in this Olympic cycle have undergone major changes, and Chinese sports teams have exposed insufficient understanding, inadequate grasp, and inadequate responses. The problem...The Chinese gymnastics team with declining performance should be what Jianfeng is referring to.

Badminton: "Dragon Age" may start

"He has long been number one in the world in terms of technology, but he just can't pass the psychological barrier"— —In the past, many people commented on Chen Long, the new "first brother" of the Chinese badminton team, until the men's singles final of the Rio Olympics, when he defeated his old rival Li Zongwei.

The "Dragon Age" may start. After four years, can he bring domineering to the Tokyo arena?

Age: 27 years old

Technical features: comprehensive, few weaknesses

Prediction: I am weak when I am young, because I am afraid of a cold, I need to strengthen my physical fitness. After badminton, it was unexpectedly out of control from then on. He is "Lin Dan's successor". Everyone knows that Li Zongwei will not be able to pass the Lin Dan threshold, but he does not necessarily know that Chen Long also loses to Lin Dan again and again... Now, the "Super Dan" is about to retire. Li Zongwei, who is almost the same age as Lin Dan, will probably not participate in the next Olympics again, and Chen Long is destined not to be lonely, because he will accept the repeated impact of the world's best players from then on.

Whether badminton can become the big gold medalist of the Chinese team in the next Olympic Games is actually very questionable. Please note that in the summary of the General Administration, the Chinese badminton team "only won 2 gold medals", only...it was once too brilliant, and it may not be a good thing. "Dragon Age" is destined to usher in people's habitual picky eyes. The teammates can hold on and continue to defend the dominant position of China's badminton four years later.

Swimming: Who will upset the whole world?

There are 34 gold medals in the Olympic swimming pool, which is second only to track and field. "The one who wins the swimming pool wins the world" is a well-known saying in the Olympic gold medal battle. For example, Phelps, who won the gold medal, made great contributions to the United States team's position on the gold medal list. In view of the fact that the number of gold medals won by the Chinese team in the swimming pool of this tournament is so small that it cannot be compared with the past, when looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics, swimming is an obvious breakthrough for the Chinese team to achieve a breakthrough in medals.

Interestingly, before the Chinese women's volleyball team, the biggest net celebrity in the Chinese team was not the gold medalist, but the bronze medalist Fu Yuanhui in the 100-meter backstroke.

Age: 20 years old

Technical features: strong backstroke, good strength and speed.

Prediction: She has not won the gold medal after using her great power, but she has won the hearts and minds of swimming fans all over the world. This player who always makes you smile can actually also have the ability to hit gold medals. Without him, he is still young. There are still a lot of young players like Fu Yuanhui in the Chinese team. Four years later, it's the mules or horses who come out for a walk. It doesn't matter, if they can't get the gold medal, they will be more frank, humorous, and authentic like Fu Yuanhui. Maybe they will also get something more important than the gold medal.

If you can't surpass the world record, you can surpass yourself. This is the biggest achievement of Chinese sports in the Rio Olympics behind the Fu Yuanhui phenomenon. It is true that the Olympics must pursue higher, faster and stronger, but every athlete is asked not to carry a burden of thinking that is greater than the sky. If you don’t believe it? Please take a look at the new generation of Internet celebrity Fu Yuanhui.

Women's volleyball team: the "first attacker" will go overseas to practice

The spirit of the women's volleyball team is a kind of heritage, and the core heritage of the women's volleyball team is the current Olympic Games. What Chinese fans are most worth talking about is "the first attacker"Zhu Ting, took over the "Iron Hammer" mantle. Obviously, four years later, Zhu Ting and her teammates are still our biggest expectations.

Age: less than 22 years old

Technical features: 1.95 meters tall, hitting points as high as 3.27 meters, is a natural killer in front of the volleyball net. Training in Lang Ping In recent years, there have been significant improvements in serving and receiving passes in recent years. In the Rio Olympics volleyball statistics, a number of indicators are among the best, and even the block success rate is ranked fourth.

Recent developments: Going to play in the Turkish Premier League. This move is supported by the head coach Lang Ping and also supported by her hometown Henan Provincial Sports Bureau.

Prediction: As an ace main attacker, Zhu Ting’s skills are already She has reached a very high level, and to truly become a great professional player, she still needs life experience, like her teacher Lang Ping, to walk out of the fixed route from a major sports school to the national team. Four years later, Zhu Ting is in the profession At the peak of her career, her teammates Wei Qiuyue, Xu Yunli and others are likely to retire due to age. In this case, how the new women's volleyball team with Zhu Ting as the core of the attack will be combined will be a new issue for Lang Ping. Challenge. Fortunately, Director Lang now has a good set of cards in his hand, and there is more room to choose from than before.

West China Metropolis Daily reporter Jia Zhiruo

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