Guangzhou Shamian Sports Club is committed to revitalizing national fitness, and its century-old venues have a new look _ Tennis Court

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The history of the Shamian Tennis Court can be traced back to 1877, when the Wimbledon Tennis Championship was first held. At that time, a grass tennis court was built in the British Concession of Shamian, and the "Shamian Lawn Tennis" was established. club". The Shamian Tennis Court was actually completed in 1905, the 31st year of Guangxu.

In the vicissitudes of history, the Shamian tennis court has the appearance and scale of today, another name has to be mentioned-Mr. Fok Yingdong. It was he who generously donated money during the construction of the White Swan Hotel in 1983, and built 7 modern standard outdoor tennis courts and two indoor tennis courts for the Shamian Tennis Court. The venues are just beginning to take shape.

For the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the Shamian Tennis Court assumed the task of serving as a soft tennis training ground, the hardware facilities of the venue, supporting management services, and the comprehensive functions of the venue. Get further improvement.

In the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the Shamian Tennis Court assumed the task of serving as a soft tennis training ground. The hardware facilities and supporting management services of the venue, as well as the comprehensive functions of the venue, have been further improved.

Huimin The venue is open to create a home for health and sports span>

As a stadium with a long history, the Shamian Tennis Court does not lack the visits of celebrities from all walks of life, such as tennis celebrity Chen Yan, American tennis celebrity Stan Smith, founding general Lu Zhengcao and other celebrities, Exciting high-level matches were staged one after another on the sand tennis court, feasting the eyes of Guangzhou fans. After the reform and opening up, the Shamian Tennis Court continued to host a number of tennis tournaments at home and abroad.

At present, Guangzhou Shamian Sports Club has three events: tennis, badminton and swimming The venue has 7 tennis courts, 10 badminton courts and a temperature-controlled swimming pool open throughout the year. The annual average number of people who enter the venue for exercise exceeds 245,000, and the number of people enjoying discounts and free opening exceeds 56,000.

The tennis and badminton courts implement a policy of "2 hours a day for free, 2 hours discount" and a 40% discount for swimming pools throughout the day. Citizen friends can book venues online by following the WeChat official account of the "Guangzhou Shamian Sports Club" and logging in to the "Quntong" platform.

Opening up The century-old store has not "rested on its laurels

Relying on good venue conditions and high For the holding and exchange of level events, the training level of Shamian tennis courts and swimming pools has always been in a leading position. Li Xinyi, who won the first tennis gold in the Asian Games for the Chinese delegation, and Zhou Jiawei, a famous swimmer, are all from Guangzhou Shamian Sports Club. Representatives of outstanding athletes going out.

Shamian, Guangzhou The sports club has not stayed in the past. It is still becoming more beautiful and modern. The club swimming pool completed the renovation of the children’s pool and recreation area last year.

Since October this year, the heated swimming pool has also begun to be closed for a period of time. After half a year of renovation, it will be open to citizens throughout the year and provide swimming training services. Tennis courts have also been built into an open recreational reception hall, and sports equipment updates and other supporting services have been introduced to create superior sports and fitness for citizens’ friends Environment.

The person in charge of the Guangzhou Shamian Sports Club told reporters that the club had, Co-organize a number of national fitness activities popular among the masses, comprehensively promote the popularization of tennis, badminton and swimming sports, and help the development of national fitness in Guangzhou.

The person in charge of the Guangzhou Shamian Sports Club told reporters that the club has comprehensively promoted the popularization of tennis, badminton and swimming sports by undertaking and co-organizing a number of national fitness activities that are popular among the masses. Assist the development of national fitness sports in Guangzhou.

At the same time, the club has increased on the basis of the original tennis, badminton, and swimming training programs. Open soft (short) tennis, Wing Chun, Chinese Chess, Go and other training courses to promote the in-depth development of campus training projects.

For Guangzhou Shamian Sports Club, the aggressiveness of the century-old stadium will never stop. Return to Sohu to see more


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