0 easily eliminated Russian player Natalia Peminova to advance

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Source: Sohu Sports

On October 13, Beijing time, in the first round of the 2020 Danish Badminton Open, women's singles champion Ma Lin 2-0 (21-7, 21-15) easily eliminated Russian player Natalia Pemi Nova advanced.

Olympic champion Ma Lin has suffered two blows from the game and life since the 2019 season. First, in January last year, Ma Lin ruptured his right knee cruciate ligament in the final of the Indonesian Masters and almost missed the Tokyo Olympics. However, the world championship triple champion relied on the toughness that is different from ordinary people. He started rehabilitation training 7 days after the operation, and finally left 8 Yue stood on the field again and won the Chinese Super Championship that year. Second, on the eve of this year's All England Championship, Ma Lin's father accidentally fell while working and was seriously injured, and died at the end of July this year.

Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, there is a lack of high-level sparring in the badminton desert of Spain. Ma Lin only persisted in training in a difficult situation and signed up for the Danish Open.

Due to the recent death of her father, Ma Lin was not particularly happy after winning the game today. She said, "I feel very happy to be back on the court. I have been in poor condition recently and have gone through a very difficult period (choked.) ), fortunately, I finally returned to the arena. I miss this feeling very much."

At the same time, Ma Lin also said that in addition to winning the Danish Open, he also has to learn to enjoy the game and give play to daily training.


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