The only international competition in April, Ma Lin hit 5 consecutive championships

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From April 27 to May 2, the 2021 European Badminton Championships will be held in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The preliminary list of entries has been released.

Since the World Badminton Federation adjusted the world ranking rules last year, the current level of the European Championship is the same as the super500 Open, and there are Olympic points, so it has attracted almost All European celebrities will participate.

1. Registration status

A total of 40 people signed up for the men’s singles. The powerful Danish teams Ansailong, Antonsen, Gemke, Witting Haas occupied the top four seed position, an upset victory over Slicante, and Kun Lavut won the men's singles gold medal in this year's Orleans Masters, French teenager Junior Popov, and French veteran Liverde Sri Lanka has the strength to impact the Danish men's singles. However, Junior Popov's younger brother, Christo Popov, runner-up of the 2019 World Youth Championship, did not sign up for the men's singles event.

There is no doubt about the Olympic champion Ma Lin, who has won 3 championships and 1 second in the women’s singles this year. He is the number one seed and the biggest favorite to win the championship. No. 2 seed Denmark Mia, No. 3 seed Russia Kosezkaya, No. 4 seed Germany Li Yifeng, No. 5 seed Scottish veteran Gilmour may warm up Marlene.

There are 28 pairs of men's doubles registered for the competition, and the English combination Ellis/Langerridge is currently ranked No. The 12th place is the highest-ranked men's doubles combination in Europe and the top seed of the tournament. The Danish combination Anders/Sorensen, the Russian combination 2016 All England champion Ivanov/Sosonov, and the England combination Ryan / Wendy, the French Popov brothers, etc. also have the ability to hit the championship.

There are 28 pairs of women's doubles registered for the competition. The Danish team is very For a long time there is no successor in the women's doubles. The third seed Danish combination Mikan/Tigerson is expected to compete with the top seed Stoeva sisters and the second seed England Beecher/Smith for the championship.

There are 28 pairs of mixed doubles registered for the competition, and the two-time European Championship winner Edgar in 2017 and 2018 The Corks gave up defending their titles and have retired. The top seed is the English combination Ellis/Smith. Double play Jordan/Meerati, reaching the semi-finals of the Thailand Open and the World Badminton Finals this year. The French combination Giquel/Dellu, who won the Swiss Open mixed doubles championship, is the second seed and has the ability to win the championship. .

2. European Championship History

The European Badminton Championships (European Badminton Championships) is a competition organized by the European Badminton Federation. Held in 1968 and every two years thereafter. Since 2017, it will be held annually, and the European Championships of that year will be suspended every time the European Games are held.

In the last European Championship (2018), Ansailong, Marlene, Anders/Sorensen, Stoeva sisters, Edcock and his wife won five championships respectively . It is worth mentioning that Ma Lin monopolized the women's singles gold medal in the four European Championships in 2014-2018.

Source: Aiyuke Badminton Net


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