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In October 2016, the first "Biyuan Cup" National Badminton Open was held in Zhengzhou.

In April 2016, the "Biyuan Badminton Invitational Tournament" was held in Zhengzhou.

The leaders of China Badminton Association Chairman Zhang Jun, Vice Chairman and Secretary General Wang Wei and other leaders are the 2019 Happy Family International Badminton Invitational tournament kicks off

2018 Asian Badminton Elite Tour Finals

2018 "Biyuan Cup" Happy Family Badminton Finals

2017 Biyuan Cup Badminton Grand Prix Conference

2016 Biyuan Cup First National Badminton Open

2016 Biyuan Badminton Invitational Tournament

Establish the Henan Province Badminton Professional Team

Fight for the 14th National Games in 2021 Meeting

On May 16, 2019, Henan Provincial Sports Bureau and Biyuan Holding Group signed a contract to establish Henan Province Badminton professional team.

The establishment of the Henan Province Badminton Professional Team is a gratifying achievement of Henan Province's badminton sports development under the guidance of the new era sports development plan. This cooperation is also a useful attempt by the Provincial Sports Bureau and Biyuan Holding Group to explore the development model of "provincial team-run enterprises" for badminton under the principle of "resource sharing, equality and mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation", and help Henan become a badminton province. Step forward has made a positive contribution.

Under the guidance of the Provincial Sports Bureau, the Provincial Table Tennis and Badminton Center and Biyuan Holding Group will be responsible for the formation of a coaching team, selection of players to form a team, and actively preparing for the 14th National Games in 2021. Biyuan Sports will also build "Henan Province Badminton Training Base" and other supporting and service facilities.

Henan Provincial Sports Bureau and Biyuan Holding Group signed a contract to establish a provincial badminton professional team

The four major systems of world-class coaching team, professional badminton training, youth and amateur badminton training, and physical education academy teaching

Biyuan Sports is constantly seeking for conceptual innovation, technological innovation, Mechanism innovation, actively explore the development mode of badminton industry, set up "Badminton Training Management Center", "Biyuan International Badminton Super Club", prepare to build "Henan Province Badminton Training Base", "Chinese Badminton National Team Special Training Base", "Zheng" The Biyuan Affiliated College of the University of Physical Education" and the "China Badminton Academy" have formed four major systems: a world-class coaching team, professional badminton training, youth and amateur badminton training, and sports academy teaching.

Biyuan Holdings and Zhengda Sports College form a strategic cooperation in the sports industry

The two parties will jointly establish the "Zhengda Sports Academy Biyuan Affiliated College" and "China Badminton Academy" to train professional players with international standards and professional talents who have sports expertise and are familiar with the sports industry and the practice of national fitness.

Form a world-class badminton coaching team

Head coach of Biyuan Special Training Camp: Li Mao

Li Mao is an experienced and unique training method senior coach. Over the years, he has served in the Chinese badminton team, The Korean badminton team and the Malaysian team have coached and trained many outstanding men's singles players including Dong Jiong, Sun Jun and Chen Gang. In order to better prepare for the Tokyo Olympics, in September 2019, Li Mao was hired by the State Sports General Administration and the Chinese Badminton Association to return to the Chinese badminton team to take charge of men's singles training and help athletes and coaches improve their comprehensive capabilities as soon as possible.

Li Mao, head coach of Biyuan Special Training Camp

Signed players from all over the world

Carolina Marín Martin (Carolina Marín Martin)

Spanish badminton player. Won the European Women's Singles Championship in 2014, and won the World Championships Women's Singles Championship again in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, he won the gold medal in the women's singles in badminton at the Rio Olympics and completed the grand slam feat. In the just-concluded 2019 Victor China Badminton Open, Ma Lin successfully defended the women's singles championship.

Carolina Marin Martin signs a contract with Beyuan Holdings

Carolina Marin Martin at the 2019 China Badminton Open

Horse (Vladimir Malkov)

Russia’s first badminton men’s singles player, won the Russian Championship in 2015, the Finnish International Challenge Championship, the Russian International Challenge Championship and the Kazakhstan International Series Championship.

Russia’s No. 1 badminton men’s singles player Makov

Tommy Sugiarto

Indonesia's top men's singles badminton player. Silver medalist at the 2013 World Badminton Super Series Finals and 2014 Malaysia Open, and the 2018 World Badminton Tour Thailand Masters Men’s Singles Championship.

Indonesian badminton star Tommy Sugiarto

Cooperate with the Chinese Badminton Association and the World Badminton Federation

Create a "Central Plains Badminton Holy Land"

Biyuan Holdings has developed in-depth cooperation with the China Badminton Association. With the strong support of the China Badminton Association, the “2018 Asian Badminton Elite Tour” and the “2019 China Zhengzhou Happy Family International Badminton Invitational Tournament” were successfully held, attracting professional athletes from 64 countries along the “Belt and Road” to participate and promote Zhengzhou. Diversified exchanges with countries along the “One Belt and One Road” and greater influence in the countries along the “One Belt and One Road”. The China Badminton Association is also providing full support in establishing the "Henan Provincial Badminton Professional Team", establishing a Chinese badminton training base, and conducting badminton certification related certifications.

Wang Wei, vice chairman and secretary general of the China Badminton Association, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the competition

Biyuan Holdings has also established an active cooperative relationship with the Badminton World Federation (BWF). The two parties have a common vision-to work together for the development of badminton in Zhengzhou, cultivate a world champion in Henan, and make Zhongyuan Dadi the cradle of badminton world champions and a "badminton holy land" facing the world.

Mr. Larson, Chairman of the World Badminton Federation, and Chang Hongxing, Chairman of Biyuan Holding Group

Adhering to the corporate vision and mission of "creating beauty" and "serving the society", and insisting on being a communicator of positive energy, Biyuan Holdings continues to explore the development path of the badminton sports industry to allow more fans to participate And enjoy the happiness and healthy lifestyle brought by badminton, will continue to integrate high-quality resources, improve the badminton industry platform, and cooperate with more excellent institutions at home and abroad,Experts and talents have carried out in-depth cooperation to jointly promote the vigorous development of Henan Province's badminton industry.

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