Watching the world|Marin won the European Championship for five consecutive years, and the first two nucleic acid tests of Ansailong were positive in the final _ An Dongsen

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Original title: Seeing the World|Marin at the European Championships won five consecutive championships, and the first two nucleic acid tests of Axelson finals were positive.

European Badminton The individual championships ended yesterday, and Antonson and Marin were crowned men's singles and women's singles champions respectively. What is even more interesting in the game is that the Danish brother Ansailong was tested positive for the new crown nucleic acid twice in the competition area.

The European Individual Championship is the only international competition throughout April. Due to the 2020 European Championship The tournament did not take place, so this European Championship is a stop of the Tokyo Olympic Points Tournament. After the first five days of competition, the competition ushered in the final day on May 2. The Danish team occupies 3 of the 10 seats. The two Danish men's singles, Ansailong and Antonsen, once again joined the finals in the international competition. .

However, just before the start of the final, the organizing committee announced that Axelon had tested positive in the routine nucleic acid test on Saturday morning, and the second nucleic acid test would be carried out immediately . As early as before the start of the European Championships, three players from the Danish team tested positive in the nucleic acid test. Although the Danish team immediately implemented a series of epidemic prevention measures, Ansailong still failed to "dodge" this hurdle.

Yesterday afternoon, Arcelon announced on his personal social platform that his second nucleic acid test result was positive. Although he does not have any symptoms, he will be in Ukraine where the event is held. The city of Kiev was quarantined on the spot for at least two weeks. Affected by this, the men's singles final of the European Championship was cancelled, and another player Antonsen automatically won the men's singles championship.

More than Axelson suffered the same experience. German doubles male player Mark Ramsfors also tested positive in the nucleic acid test before the final. He was originally Russia's Ivanov/Sozonov won the championship without a fight in the men's doubles final.

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The cancellation of the two finals did not affect the progress of the other three finals: the Spanish star Marin defeated Denmark's Ryan 21-13, 21-18 in the women's singles final, and won the European Championship women's singles for the fifth time; Russia's Alimov/Elena defeated England's Marcus 2-1 /Smith, won the mixed doubles championship; the women's doubles championship was won by Bulgarian sisters Gabriela/Stephenson, who defeated England's Bilche/Smith 2-0.

Before the Olympics suffered this calamity, Axelson was not only affected physically and psychologically, but this isolation may also affect his training and thus affect the last two stops afterwards Olympic points tournament-Malaysia Open and Singapore Open. The Sports Channel of Denmark's second TV station pointed out that the impact of this infection may also be the Olympic prospects of Axelsen.

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