Denmark becomes the biggest winner of the European Championships Ansailong crowns Marin for four consecutive championships for the second time

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Ma Lin has four consecutive championships

Tencent Sports, April 29th, 2018 Europe The badminton championship came to an end. The Danish team won two golds and two silvers. Ansai Long, who returned from injury, returned strongly. In the men's singles final, he swept the defending champion England Osef for the second time and was crowned by Spanish star Marin. To achieve the women's singles four consecutive championships, Denmark's Astroup/Rasmussen won the men's doubles title, the women's doubles championship was won by Bulgaria, and England's Edcock and his wife aspired to the mixed doubles championship.

The men’s singles championship battle was held between the top seed, Danish star Ansai Long and the third seed, England’s Osef. The two sides have played against each other six times in the past. Excellent, but Ansailong has just returned from injury. What is the state of the question mark. In the first game, Ansailong played extremely confidently. At the beginning, he played a 9-0 scoring wave to establish his advantage, and finally won the first game 21-8 and second. Ansailong continued to work hard, leading all the way to 21-7 to secure the victory, thus defeating Osef 2-0, winning the European Championship for the second time after 2016, Osef was not able to defend the title, Denmark's Jorgensen and Le Verdez of France won the third place.

In the women’s singles final, Spain’s Olympic champion Marin played against Russia’s Kossetskaya. Marin ranked 7th in the world and Kosettskaya 25th. The two sides had never played against each other before. In one round, Marin scored 3 points in a row, and then she maintained the lead. In the end, she went 21-15. After scoring 1 point each in the second round, Marin scored 6 points to establish the advantage. Since then, the Russian players have been Passively, Marin sealed the victory 21-7 with one effort, thus winning 2-0, achieving his four consecutive European championships, Kossetskaya won the runner-up, two Danish players Brechfeld and Keja Elsfield tied for third.

The men’s doubles final is a civil war between the Danish combination. Astroup/Rasmussen played against the 2016 champion Peterson/Kolding. The two pairs played against each other seven times. Peter Sen/Kolding has five wins and two losses. In this dialogue, Astroup/Rasmussen scored 21-15 in the first game, and Peterson/Kolding announced his retirement in the second game. , So Astroup/Rasmussen won the men's doubles championship. Russia's Ivanov/Sozonov and the Netherlands' Mas/Tabelin won the third place.

In the women's doubles final, the No. 2 seed Bulgarian Gabriela Stoeva/Stephanie Stoeva will face the No. 6 seed Lefel/Tran of France, five times before In the match, the Stoeva sisters all won. This time they still have a clear advantage and easily won 2-0 (21-12, 21-10). The Dutch combination Pique/Senin and the Danish combination Frulgard/Tigerssen won the third place.

In the mixed doubles final, the top seed Edcock and his wife of England played against No. 2 seed Christiansen/Pedersen of Denmark. The two sides played against each other at the Hong Kong Open at the end of last year, when the Danish combination won , Met again this time, the two sides played three games, Edcock and his wife won 2-1 (21-18, 17-21, 21-18) and won the women's doubles championship. In addition, Ellis/Smith of England and Rumsforth/Hurtridge of Germany finished third.

In this way, the five championships of this European Championship were divided by four associations. Denmark won the men's singles and men's doubles championships, and Spain, England and Bulgaria won one championship each.



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