2020 AFC Champions League start time_2020 AFC Champions League postponed to November

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The Europa League and the Champions League ended perfectly, but the AFC has not started.

The sudden new crown epidemic has swept the world, and the 2020 AFC season has no choice but to postpone it. This means that the UEFA Champions League this season was interrupted from March 4, 2020 and has not been restarted yet!

AFC, full name Asian champion The league is an Asian club competition held every year by the AFC. The annual AFC Champions League is a grand occasion for Asian football. In the AFC Champions League, top football clubs of various countries can compete on the same stage with clubs of other countries, which greatly promotes the development of football in various countries.

A total of 32 teams participated in the AFC group stage, and the 32 teams were divided into 8 groups to compete.

Considering that there are many Asian countries, the AFC is divided into East Asia and West Asia, each with 4 teams. In Asian football, the strength of Chinese football clubs is worthy of the number, so generally China will get 4 places to enter the group stage, and the average is divided into 4 groups in East Asia.

The Chinese clubs that entered the AFC group stage last season are:

Shandong Luneng Taishan, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, Shanghai SIPG Group

The Chinese clubs entering the AFC group stage in the new season are:

Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, Shanghai Shang Port Group

In the AFC group match When the curtain opened, the major players were gearing up, hundreds of millions of fans cheered up...

As a result, the AFC was suspended!

Seeing that the global epidemic situation is contained, it is imperative for the AFC to restart!

As early as July, the AFC was preparing for the start of the AFC Champions League.

The initial announcement of the West Asia region schedule is: The group stage will start from September 14th to 24th, the 1/8 finals will start from September 26th to 27th; the quarter-finals will start on September 30 Day; The semi-finals are on October 3;

Considering that the East Asian leagues are still playing, the AFC has specially postponed the start of the East Asian games.

The schedule for the East Asian Division is: The group stage will be from October 19th to November 1st; the 1/8 finals will be played on November 3rd to 4th; the quarter-finals will be played on November 25th. ; The semi-final will be on November 28th;

The AFC Champions League final will start on December 5th!

(PS: In order to shorten the time, the AFC Champions League group stage to the semi-finals are all based on a tournament system, and the knockout and finals are changed to a single-round elimination system!)


However, the start of the AFC East Asian Division has changed and it is said to be delayed Until November.

There are two factors that affect the start of the East Asian Division of the AFC Champions League. One is the change of the venue, and the other is the change of the schedule;

The venue of the game has changed. The AFC originally planned to hold the East Asian Division G, H and the quarter-finals to the semi-finals in Malaysia. However, Malaysia recently announced that it will extend the movement control order to this year December 31. As a result, the original AFC match will definitely be affected.

The schedule is changed. The AFC only goes to the group stage, and there are still many matches that have not been played. , The schedule is too long, players frequently appear in the country, and even need to be isolated. In order to solve potential troubles, China, Japan and South Korea requested that the AFC matches be concentrated together to prevent players from running around frequently. However, if you do so, you must wait for China, Japan and Korea to play in the domestic league. End...

The start of the match was very difficult. It seems that the East Asian Championships of the AFC will really meet with the fans in November!

2020 AFC start time_2020 AFC postponed to November

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