It is recommended that Guangzhou Evergrande introduce a player with a level similar to Paulinho before the start of the 2021 season

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Fans who often watch Chinese Super League matches know: Paulinho is important to Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club. If there is no Paulinho on the field, the overall strength of Guangzhou Evergrande will be greatly reduced. Paulinho was unable to participate in the AFC Champions League due to injury. As a result, the Guangzhou Evergrande AFC team was eliminated without Paulinho. It can be said that Guangzhou Evergrande can lack other players, but Paulinho is the only one.

This also gives Guangzhou Evergrande a wake-up call, no one can guarantee that Paulinho will play a full one In the game of the season, Paulinho has been injured and his state of ups and downs. If so, who will provoke the heavy burden? Anyway, Zheng Zhi and Huang Bowen have gradually faded out of the main lineup. Although Guangzhou Evergrande has a lot of midfielders, there are really no midfielders who provoke the main beam. Therefore, Guangzhou Evergrande’s top priority is: must be before the start of the 2021 season. Introduce a player with a level similar to Paulinho.

You must take precautions, otherwise the results of Guangzhou Evergrande cannot be guaranteed. This is a flaw. A Paulinho replacement is very important. In addition, Paulinho is 32 years old. This is the end of the player's career. For the long-term development of the team, even if Paulinho is not injured, Guangzhou Evergrande has to find a replacement for Paulinho. If Guangzhou Evergrande introduces a player with a level similar to Paulinho before the start of the 2021 season, the probability of Guangzhou Evergrande winning the new season will increase a lot.


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