[Final Preview] Meet again in six years. Suning doubles this season? Luneng Six holds the Football Association Cup? _ Competition

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In the last minute of the game, Luneng goalkeeper Wang Dalei rushed into the opponent's penalty area to fight for the header, assisted former teammate McGowan with a header to complete the buzzer lore. In this way, Shandong Luneng Taishan raised the FA Cup championship trophy for the fifth time, and Jiangsu Sainty, who was only minutes away from the championship, could only leave the game in regret from the home fans.

All China Class VS All Main Force

Although six years have passed, many players in the decisive battle that year are still playing for the two teams and are about to meet again and compete in the FA Cup final. In the media interview before the finals, Li Ang, a 21-year-old Jiangsu Suning Tesco player who joined the first team at the beginning of the year, still remembers the final defeat of that game. He believes that the defeat is the most educational in his career. One lesson, at the last moment of every game thereafter, he has to remind himself and his teammates to concentrate all their attention. Back then, Shandong Luneng Taishan’s main player, Han Peng, is now an assistant coach of the team. When interviewed by reporters, he also believed that the game was the most important final in his life. Only the ups and downs in the final made him more comfortable. Understand the true meaning of football.

Now they meet again in the final, but the two teams are in very different conditions. Jiangsu Suning Tesco, which just won the Chinese Super League this year, can only play in the FA Cup due to the absence of foreign players. And before the finals, many of the main players, including Wu Xi, were injured. The formation of troops in the finals is still a mystery. In contrast, Shandong Luneng Taishan's performance in this year's Super League is not ideal. With a sigh of relief and a neat lineup, Luneng has been aiming to win the FA Cup from the very beginning.

Also experienced penalty shootout p>

In the FA Cup this season, both teams defeated 4 opponents each to enter the finals. Jiangsu Suning first eliminated Shenzhen Kaisa 2-0, then defeated Meizhou Hakka 7-2 and Kunshan FC 2-0. In the two rounds of semi-finals, they finally defeated the team with a total score of 5-3 through a penalty shootout. Tianjin TEDA, aiming to win the championship. Shandong Luneng Taishan successively defeated Dalian with 4-0, Zhejiang Energy Greentown 2-0, and a 7-6 penalty shootout to eliminate Guangzhou R&F. In the two rounds of semi-finals, they defeated with an absolute advantage of 6-0. The Wuhan Zall team, which has been disorganized. Although the status and performance of the two teams on the road to promotion are not the same, they both passed the brutal test of the penalty shootout and finally met in the final.

In addition, judging from the history of the battle between the two teams, in the past 12 battles between the two teams , Jiangsu Suning Tesco has the upper hand with 4 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses. The last time the two sides met in the FA Cup was in 2019, when Shandong Luneng Taishan defeated Suning 1-0.

When Jiangsu Suning Tesco, which has been unbeaten for 19 consecutive games, meets Shandong Luneng Taishan, who is strong and in good shape, who can have the last laugh? Let us look forward to Yanjing Beer's 2020 China Football Association Cup peak match.

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