The Super League schedule enters the Shenhua 2021 first team registration roster

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Super League schedule entered the Shenhua 2021 first team application roster.

Morning News reporter Gan Hui

Today’s 2021 Chinese Super League Winter Chinese Football Transfer On the deadline, the Premier League team will also apply for staff registration. After two Chinese Super League schedules entered the Shenhua 2021 first-team application roster for many months of training and three friendly matches, what staff will coach Cui Kangxi select to enter the Shenhua 2021 first-team application roster?

According to the requirements of the Chinese Football Association, the first team of the Chinese Super League will apply for registration in the new season, so that the previous number has risen from 30 to 35, including five foreign players. After Shalawi and Ighalo left one after another, Bolaños rented Chongqing Liangjiang Super League schedule to enter the Shenhua 2021 season first team registration roster match, Shenhua's top five foreign players in the new season are Debuxi, who stayed in the U.S. Jin Xinyu and Guoan's foreign aid Adrian, Bassogo and Jonich.

At the level of Chinese football players, the staff who entered the first stage of last season's Open to apply for the roster are Zeng Cheng, Li Shuai, Ma Zhen, Bai Jiajun, Feng Xiaoting, Zhu Chenjie, Zhao Mingjian, Bi Jinhao, Jiang Shenglong , Li Yunqiu, Eddie, Wen Jiabao, Sun Kai, Cao Yunding, Peng Xinli, Qin Sheng, Qian Jiegui, Sun Shilin, Zhu Baojie, Wang Haijian, Zhang Lu, Yu Hanchao, Yang Xu. In addition to Jiang Shenglong and Sun Kai, the other 21 staff members can enter the Shenhua 2021 season first team registration roster with the Chinese Super League schedule. If it is true, it should mean that Shenhua will compete for hegemony in the new season.

In 2020, Shenhua has already officially announced the player Wu Xi and his two young players He Xiamen Tongan and the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the domestic aid level. As a foreign aid for Guoan, there is no suspense that they will enter the roster of the first team in the new season. Zhu Yue, who was added to the first team in the second stage of last season, has daily tasks for the National Games, but with his excellent qualities reflected in the AFC Champions League last season, Cui Kangxi will mostly treat him Included in the new season's first team registration roster.

In addition, Jin Yangyang, who had a high-priced player worth 80 million yuan at the start-up, has already applied for youth training. When Zhu Chenjie is likely to miss the first stage of the Open due to injury and Jiang Shenglong is renting out, the Shenhua central defender's stool is not strong. As a substitute for Zhangye, former player Jin Yangyang is indeed a good choice.

The first round of the new season Shenhua will play against Shandong Luneng on April 23. Most of the football teams will enter the Suzhou Division on April 18 or 19.


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