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This afternoon, the 2020 Football Association Cup final kicked off in Suzhou. This game adopts a single-round system. If a tie is within 90 minutes, it will enter an overtime game. If the overtime game is tied again, it will be a penalty shoot-out. In the end, with Wang Tong and Pellet's goals, Shandong Luneng defeated Jiangsu Suning 2-0 to win the championship. This is also the sixth time that Luneng has been crowned the FA Cup champion.

The Football Association Cup has a long history. The first session was launched in 1956. The professional system period (1984-1986, 1990) -1992) was also held, and since the start of the professional league, the 1995 Football Association Cup is regarded as the real Chinese club’s first Football Association Cup. From 1995 to 2020, it was only suspended during the four years from 2007 to 2010. .

So far, Shandong Luneng ranked first with 6 championships, Beijing Guoan ranked second with 5 championships, Shanghai Shenhua ranked third with 4 championships, and Dalian Shide ranked third with 4 championships. The 3 championships ranked fourth. Guangzhou Evergrande and Liaoning each won 2 championships. In addition, Jiangsu Sainty, Guizhou Renhe, Tianjin Teda, Chongqing Loncin, Qingdao Hadmen and Bayi won 1 championship. team.

The gold content of the FA Cup champion is much lower than the league champion, but in recent years, the FA Cup champion can directly win a second prize in the coming year. Champion qualification, the importance of each team to the FA Cup has increased significantly. To win the FA Cup, the difficulty is getting bigger and bigger.

However, due to the epidemic, this year’s Football Association Cup champions have the lowest gold content in history. Due to the fact that time cannot be arranged, this year’s competition system has been drawn down. The first round was a pair of 16 teams in the Super League. The final 8 teams Advance to the second round, and then PK with the top 8 teams in the Chinese League. The winner enters the third round. In the third round, the 8 teams PK by two, resulting in four teams entering the semi-finals. The semi-finals adopts a two-round system, resulting in two teams. The teams participating in the finals compete for the final championship. There are a total of five rounds, except for the semi-finals, all of which are in a single elimination system.

What’s more terrible is that since the second round, the time of the Football Association Cup and the time of the AFC are in conflict, so Guangzhou Evergrande, Beijing Guoan, and Shanghai SIPG can only line up for the second team to participate in the FA Cup (Shanghai Shenhua was eliminated in the first round). In the end, Guangzhou Evergrande lost to Kunshan FC, Shanghai SIPG lost to Changchun Yatai, and Beijing Guoan Lost to Wuhan Zall.

Let’s take a look at Luneng’s FA Cup journey this year. In the first round, he defeated Dalian People 4-0. This match was great. In the second round, he defeated Zhejiang Greentown 2-0. The performance can only be said. Not quite satisfactory; the third round drew with Guangzhou R&F 2-2, and finally advanced on a penalty kick; the semi-final two rounds were 6-0 Wuhan Zall, and the final 2-0 Jiangsu Suning, but what you need to know is that both Wuhan Zall and Jiangsu Suning are on the team. In the All-China class, and with a large number of young players, the strongest opponent encountered during the entire game was actually Guangzhou R&F, and it was lucky that the game eventually advanced.

You can say without hesitation that this year’s FA Cup champion is the one with the lowest gold content in history, and with this champion, Shandong Luneng won the qualification for the AFC next year. The fourth place in the league, Shanghai SIPG, lost the qualification to participate in the AFC next year. It also terminated the team’s five consecutive years of participating in the AFC Champions League, although it has never won the championship in the AFC. But at least these five times I have participated in the AFC Champions League, and Shanghai SIPG has qualified for five consecutive years. This is something Shandong Luneng can't do at present. If Luneng encounters a tragedy in the AFC next year, would it be embarrassing for Luneng to win the championship?

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