Super Chaos 1-1! Jianye’s stoppage-time lore was blown, Dalian people got red dot package, 10 people kept the tie

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At 20:00 on July 31st, Beijing time, the prime time of Friday night, the second round of the first phase of the 2020 Chinese Super League will continue. A focus battle in the Dalian competition area, the Dalian people against Henan Jianye.

In the first round, both teams lost. Dalian was reversed by Luneng 2-3, while Henan Jianye was defeated by Jiangsu Suning 3-4.

In this game, both teams hope to win their first victory in the Super League in the new season. In terms of personnel, Dalian’s four major foreign aids, Hamsik, Longdong, Larsson, and Daniels, all start the game. It is worth mentioning that Li Shuai also returned to the starting lineup. Benitez made certain personnel adjustments.

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And Jianye Here are the two major foreign aids Dorado and Ivo starting the battle!

Henan Jianye's starting lineup

At the beginning of the first half, the Dalian people quickly entered the state. In the 3rd minute, they took the lead in blitzing the goal!

Long Dong scored the goal and he received a pass from his teammate Then the ball was easily pushed in, but the referee signaled that it was offside first and the goal was invalid. What's interesting is that by looking back through VAR, the goal is first judged to be valid, but then the goal is cancelled to maintain the original penalty. From the slow motion point of view, the ball is offside by a few millimeters!

Afterwards, the Dalian people continued to attack, but they failed to score. In the first half, the two teams could only draw a goalless draw!

In the second half, the Dalian people's onslaught finally paid off!

In the 47th minute, the new aid from Sweden's international player Larsson, who started the game, slammed into the ground after receiving the crossing of his teammates! The ball was fast and there was a fall, the goalkeeper's whip was beyond reach, the score came to 1-0, and the Dalian people finally broke the deadlock.

It is worth mentioning Yes, this is also the Swedish new aid's first Super League goal.

Follow , Jianye slowly began to take the initiative on the court. After the goal, the Dalian people were a little slack, and the midfielder's possession of the ball was a little lost. Jianye continued to put pressure on it.

At the end of the game, the Dalian people suffered a blow! The team's first high point guard Danielson committed a foul in the penalty area. The referee had seen var directly showed a red card and gave Jianye a penalty. All Dalian players are very puzzled, theyThink that the sentence is too heavy.

In the 86th minute, foreign aid Dorado scored a goal to help Jianye tie the score 1-1.

In the second minute of stoppage time, the lore appeared, and it was Dorado, who broke the goal in the penalty area to help Jianye complete the reversal of the lore!

But after VAR looked back, this goal was sentenced to offside again. Jianye missed the lore!

In the end, the two teams drew 1-1 and each scored 1 point, shaking hands and making peace. The scene of the game was very chaotic, and several penalties were a bit controversial.

The latest points of the Chinese Super League.


After this game, all the second rounds of the first stage of the Dalian Division are over. At present, Guangzhou Evergrande has 2 consecutive victories and 7 goals and 0 conceded to the top, while R&F has lost 2 consecutive games. , Lost 8 goals and 1 goal failed to make it to the bottom!

The results of the second round of Dalian Division:

Shanghai Shenhua 3-2 Shenzhen Kaisa

Guangzhou R&F 0 -5 Guangzhou Evergrande

Jiangsu Suning 0-0 Shandong Luneng

Dalian 1-1 Henan Jianye


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