Evergrande is no longer the protagonist of the Super League? AFC commends SIPG and Guoan by name

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After the second round of the AFC Champions League, the AFC also made some comments, especially in recognition of SIPG's performance. In addition, for an act of Guoan, a document was also issued to praise.

The AFC commented on SIPG: “SIP was very impressive in the AFC Champions League match against Jeonbuk Hyundai. Pereira’s South Korean opponents had two games before, Having lost to Yokohama Mariners and drew with Sydney, SIPG took the lead in breaking the deadlock in this match. Lu Wenjun's goal was very concise and calm. After Jeonbuk Hyundai tied the score, SIPG replaced Oscar and Mu Yi, the latter. Successive opportunities, and Jeonbuk also had opportunities in the penalty area. They were all resolved by the SIPG goalkeeper. After Mui’s shot hit the goal frame, Oscar came to the fore with 8 minutes left in the game and made a penalty kick, also replacing Hull. In this way, SIPG and Yokohama Mariners both won 2 consecutive victories and accumulated 6 points to occupy the first place in the standings."

Leira also spoke highly of it, writing: “Pereira insisted on his pragmatic attitude. The Portuguese helped SIPG win its second victory in three days.” The AFC reported Pereira’s In the interview, Pereira also said: "When our players are tired, we will once again face a brand new team. Although this is not my favorite way of playing, the result is very good."

In addition, for Beijing Guoan, in addition to praising the opponent’s 2-game winning streak, the AFC official also praised Guoan in particular An act by Guoan. It was Guoan who took the initiative to clean the locker room after the game. The AFC official wrote: “If a house is not cleaned, why sweep the world. On the court, speaking on martial arts and morality off the court, Beijing Guoan took the initiative to clean the locker room after the game. "It turns out that the AFC is also a "wude fan" of Teacher Ma? Just kidding. Guoan's behavior has won the recognition of the AFC and is worthy of promotion and learning.

In In the past few seasons, Evergrande has always been the benchmark for the Super League, but the start of the season was not good. Obviously, Cannavaro should think of a way. Looking at the performance of SIPG and Guoan, Evergrande really can’t be muddled. .


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