CCTV5 live broadcast Evergrande VS Samsung! Guoan won two consecutive victories, Shenhua lost, watch Cannavaro's _中超

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The result was that Guoan was lucky enough to hold the score of 2-1. Guoan had previously faced Seoul FC's embarrassing record of 4 games without victory and was also broken. From this point, we still have to congratulate Guoan! The reason why the fans are still not satisfied is that the Guoan team should play better and have higher expectations for the team. "Beijing Youth Daily" believes that most fans are definitely not satisfied with the process, and very dissatisfied. Guoan really played ugly in the second half, but we still have to win first. Three points are always more important than good play.

Beijing media believes that "fans can criticize Genesio's conservativeness, and even say that he is weak, but in the standings, the number one in the group is placed there." How, Guoan has won two consecutive AFC Champions League! Last night, another Chinese Super League team Shanghai Greenland Shenhua lost to Ulsan Hyundai 1-3. The young lineup sent by Cui Kangxi was crushed by opponents. Jin Xinyu and others were absent. There was a gap between the two sides in terms of hard power. Shenhua is very important against Tokyo FC. I hope that the team will get rid of injuries and qualify for the team.

November 22 At 18:00 that evening, South Korea’s Suwon Samsung Blue Wings VS Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao. For this long-overdue focus battle, the fans’ appetites were stunned. CCTV Sports Channel CCTV5 and PP Sports and other networks The platform will live broadcast the campaign! Last night the Chinese Super League faced a double challenge against the South Korean team. Guoan won and Shenhua lost. Can Guangzhou Evergrande once again defend the dignity of the Super League team? Suwon Samsung coach Park Jianxia respected Evergrande, saying that Evergrande is a very powerful opponent and the confrontation is "very important".

Cannavaro has heard some doubts from fans. This season, Luo Guofu was left behind, Alan was loaned to Guoan, Gaolat was loaned to Hebei Huaxia, and the "Water Tower" was looking for status throughout the season. As a result, Lost the Chinese Super League championship. As the first responsible person, the head coach cannot shirk the blame. Cannavaro is also very sorry for losing the Chinese Super League. He will find face in the AFC Champions League. He believes that Evergrande is the best team in the past 10 years, winning the AFC Champions League twice in three years. The goal of the team is to play the game with all its strength and strive to win the championship.

Zhang Linpeng mentioned Zheng Chi, Paulinho and others did not come to Doha due to injuries, and hope that the whole team will go all out to complete the goal. Speaking of the intensive schedule, Zhang Linpeng believes that the competition system is not too problematic for Evergrande, "because we have also experienced in the Super League, we will adjust to deal with this competition system." On the night of losing the Chinese Super League, Zhang Linpeng wept bitterly during the season. Navarro persuaded him to leave. Some fans ridiculed, "I hope you don’t touch the trophy in the AFC Champions League final!" Tonight, watch Cannavaro! Go Evergrande!

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