The third time the Super League failed, how much do you remember about the past of Greentown? _Song Weiping

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Original title: The third time the Super League failed, how much do you remember about the past of Greentown?

The total score of the two rounds of the Chinese Super League promotion and promotion playoffs was 2 to 3 against Wuhan Zall. Zhejiang Greentown once again fell before the threshold of the Super League. This is their third consecutive Super League failure. Greentown, which has left too many memory fragments for Chinese football, still needs to continue on the way to Super League.

Greentown fell outside the gate of the Super League again. Figure/Vision China

The goal of returning to the Super League in 3 years has finally come to an end

On October 30, 2016, Zhejiang Greentown was 2 to 2 at home Draw with Yanbian Fude. The consequences of this draw were disastrous: In addition to Shijiazhuang Yongchang, who had already been downgraded, Greentown, which had 31 points before the war, was in the worst situation among several relegation opponents at the time-Changchun Yataiji in front of them. 32 points, Tianjin TEDA and Liaoning Hongyun scored 33 points together-1 point in the closing game made them only accept relegation.

The outside world regards this game as a weird reincarnation of fate: In November 2000, Greentown Club Chairman Song Weiping and Jilin Aodong Club Director Jin Hui signed a purchase contract and won Aodong’s A B Qualifications and the first team, local media said, "Zhejiang football finally has a first-tier team." The remaining Jilin Aodong Second Team registered and established Yanbian Changbai Mountain Football Club, which was the predecessor of Yanbian Fude.

After that day, "returning to the Super League" became Greentown's goal. In the 2017 season, Greentown ranked 9th in the Chinese Premier League. At the end of the year, the club invited Sergey, the main player of Cruyff's dream team, as the team's coach. General Manager Jiao Fengbo bluntly said that the Spanish coach was invited to show that Greentown "does not want to be in the Chinese Premier League" attitude. Returning to the Chinese Super League within 3 years was his goal set for the team at that time.

At the end of 3 years, looking back on Greentown’s surpassing journey, I saw a bumpy ride: In the 2018 season, as long as the Meizhou Hakka can be beaten away in the final game, Greentown ranked second in the Chinese Premier League. They can advance, but after losing 1-2, they can only watch the Shenzhen team come from behind and replace themselves in the Super League. In 2019, Greentown fell behind early in the Super League Group, ending the season with sixth place in the Chinese League; The super quota was reduced to 1.5 in the special season of 2020. Greentown, who won the runner-up of the Chinese Premier League, faced the second-to-last in the Super League promotion play-off against Wuhan Zall, 2 to 2 in the first round and 0 to 1 in the second round. They fell again. Only one step away from the Super League.

Zhang Yuning is one of the outstanding representatives of Greentown Youth Training. Data map

Academic training is a proud capital for many years

In the summer of 2019, Sergey left because of the team’s poor record. Ren, Zheng Xiong took over as the coach of Zhejiang Greentown. After the second round of the Super League promotion playoffs this week, Zheng Xiong was unwilling to the result, but he was still optimistic about the future. "The average age of the domestic players in our team is less than 25 years old. If you lose, you can come back."

They do have the confidence to come back. The youth storm has been blowing in Greentown for many years, because youth training is the strongest capital. For a long time, people who care about Chinese football can easily name the three famous youth training bases: Xu Genbao's Genbao football base on Chongming Island, Shandong Luneng Football School and Zhejiang Greentown's Sino-Thai training base.

Song Weiping, the former head of Greentown, has been committed to building the team’s youth training system since 2000. Zhou Sui'an, Wu Jingui, Okada Takeshi, Trussier... Greentown have been known for their youth training. The head coach has left Greentown Football with a more valuable asset than the league points ranking. "Bloom everywhere" is the evaluation of Greentown youth training achievements by people in the circle. The 93 echelon and 97 echelon are the two age groups with the highest success rate.

Take this year's Super League as an example, Zhang Yuning, who scored 6 goals for Beijing Zhonghe Guoan and known as the "strongest U23", was produced by the Greentown youth training team; the semifinals of the Super League team competed in the second round. In, scored the winning goal for Jiangsu SuningLuo Jing, who beat Shanghai SIPG, also came from the Greentown youth training; Tong Lei, who was selected for the national team with his outstanding performance in Dalian this year, Xie Pengfei of Jiangsu Suning, Yan Dinghao of Guangzhou Evergrande, Zou Dehai of Beijing Guoan, and Shi Ke of Shanghai SIPG All have the brand of Greentown Youth Training.

In the 2010 season, it was the highlight of Greentown to win the AFC qualification as No. 4 in the Super League, but after the Jinyuan football rampant, the team's performance declined all the way until relegation. Selling players has been an inevitable dilemma for Greentown in recent years, and it is also a source of "bloom everywhere." The 2020 season is overwhelming. Will there be a new scene in the new season?

With the withdrawal of Song Weiping, the "Great Song Dynasty" of Greentown Football came to an end. Data map

"The Great Song Dynasty" quietly ended

In the past, when Zhejiang Greentown played at home, there would always be one side of the stand with " The huge banner of the "Great Song Dynasty". This flag floated for 22 years, and it didn't quietly fall until the morning of September 11 this year. On the same day, the Zhejiang Football Association officially notified the public that with the care and support of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and the Provincial Sports Bureau, Zhejiang Energy Group took over part of the equity of the Greentown Football Club. A few days before the official announcement, the club officially changed its name to Zhejiang Energy Greentown Football Club. The team’s new team is called Zhejiang Energy Greentown Football Club. The topic of Zhejiang Energy Group’s acquisition of 50% of the shares of Zhejiang Greentown Football Club from Song Weiping came up. Conclusive.

Song Weiping is the founder of Greentown China and also the founder of Greentown Football. For more than 20 years, he has been the "Boss Song" among fans. The most famous entanglement between Song Weiping and Chinese football was the sweeping scene in 2001. In the last round of A-B, Chengdu Wuniu swept Sichuan Mianyang 11 to 2. They attacked the A-A rival Changchun Yatai. Defeated Greentown 6-0.

The pale-faced Song Weiping immediately held a temporary press conference after the game and announced the expulsion of five players suspected of playing counterfeit. "We will never show mercy to players who have problems, and even expel the entire team! At the end of the same year, Song Weiping did not hesitate to use the identity of a "stained witness" to expose the club's bribery to the referee.

The background of that year was the celebration of the national football's entry into the World Cup under the leadership of the "magic coach" Milu.

So, for a long time, the most famous label on Song Weiping was "anti-black", until later, this label was replaced by "youth". There is one label that has not changed, that is, "ball idiot", one year or two years, for many years.

The acquisition of Zhejiang Energy Group is the end of Song Weiping’s Greentown football story. From the establishment of the Greentown Football Club in 1998 to the ceding of all the club’s equity in 2020, this story spans 22 years. The entanglements and anger of the past have quietly fallen into the pile of old papers, and both life and football have begun to write a new chapter.

Beijing News reporter Zhou Xiao

Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofread Li Lijun


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