AFC Chinese Super League's first goal by foreign aid, Beijing Guoan beat Seoul FC 2-1

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In the first round of the AFC Champions League group stage starting at 18:00 on November 21st, Beijing time, Beijing Guoan played against Seoul FC from South Korea at the Education City Stadium. In this game, Beijing Guoan narrowly beat Seoul FC with a 2-1 goal. Why is it a narrow victory? Since the penalty kick from Park Ju-young started in the 66th minute of the game, Guoan’s defense has faced a strong offensive from Seoul FC.

Image source: Screenshot of the live broadcast of the PP sports game

Of course, Guoan's performance in this game is still passing, and it is not easy to face a Korean team with a 63% possession rate. , But we must not ignore that this Seoul FC is not the Seoul at its peak, so winning them is not enough to prove anything, but we can only be happy that the three-pointer is achieved.

Alan’s golf quotient is what makes this game eye-catching. Of course, what’s more important is his shooting from outside the penalty area, as well as the game’s contribution to Guoan’s win. Contributions, without exception, have proved the value of his naturalization. Of course, Fernando's goal in the 8th minute of the game also proved that he is still capable. Although his possession is not very good, I still appreciate his eagerness to prove his courage. This is a good thing for Guoan.

Image source: screenshots of the PP sports live broadcast

Through this game, I am still puzzled by Jin Minya’s passing error. Of course, Guoan’s defense is also not. Unsatisfactory, too many turnovers, this is a fatal injury for a team aiming to compete for the championship. This season’s AFC Champions League is not much different from the Chinese Super League’s game system, and the end of the Chinese Super League is consistent with the beginning of the AFC. Although the players have less rest, they also face the rhythm of one game in 3 days. As far as the team is concerned, it is harmful and beneficial, because the players are still in the game, and they can also increase the game time of the substitute players by rotating players and allow them to grow.

Picture source: Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Football Club

2020 AFC Champions League Group E standings

1-Beijing Guoan

2-Seoul C

3-Melbourne Victory

4- Chiangrai United

Beijing Guoan AFC Champions League follow-up schedule

11.24 18:00 span>

Beijing Guoan VS Melbourne Victory

11.27 18:00

Melbourne Victory VS Beijing Guoan

11.30 18:00

Beijing Guoan VS Seoul FC

12.03 21:00

Beijing Guoan VS Chiang Rai United



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