Football becomes water polo? The rainstorm makes the world's sixth largest league embarrassing, and the scene is full of joy

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Original title: Football becomes water polo? The rainstorm made the world's sixth largest league embarrassing and the scene was full of joy

The 23rd round of the Chinese Super League Henan Jianye Sitting at home against the Beijingers and the Beijingers, this matchup is another key to relegation for the Beijingers and the team, who are at the bottom of the points. However, the heavens are not beautiful. Before the game, Zhengzhou City was attacked by heavy rains. According to the original plan, the match was to be played. The game officially started at 19:35, but the sudden downpour caused very serious water accumulation in the Navigation Stadium. In view of the terrible situation in the playing field, the Chinese Football Association temporarily announced that the game was postponed for 30 minutes. However, the water in the Navigation Stadium was still not effectively improved until 20:00. Therefore, the game had to be postponed for the second time until 20:35. The game finally officially started, but it is not difficult to see from the game screen that the water accumulation in the Navigation Stadium is still not very ideal. It can be clearly seen that there are multiple water bays in the stadium.

Severe water accumulation in the field made the players of both sides encounter very big difficulties in the game, and the ball was often caught in the field. The stagnant water inside prevents the running line from being stopped suddenly. Players often slip and fall suddenly during running because of the slippery field. It is either the ball that makes the player dizzy or the player is overwhelmed by his teammates. , The water splashes all over the field, which makes people feel that this is a water polo game. Very happy pictures are often seen in the game.

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Despite this, the Henan Jianye team, which played at home, successfully seized a scoring opportunity. In 9 minutes, after many unsuccessful attempts to attack the goal, the foreign aid Ivo hit the goal with a strong kick on the penalty area line and successfully blasted the door of the Beijingers and the team. The Ren and the goalkeeper faced this like a cannonball attack. There is no way for the Henan Jianye team to achieve a 1-0 lead. Under such a difficult situation, it is undoubtedly very beneficial for Henan Jianye, which is playing at home, to be the first to break the deadlock.

It’s very funny that Ivo came to the court excitedly to celebrate after scoring, and because of the sidelines The water accumulation in Ivo was more serious. When Ivo was slid and kneeled, water splashed around him, and the teammates who followed to celebrate also caused a lot of water splashes, claiming to be the sixth largest league in the world. Seeing such a scene in the Super League is really a bit of a laugh. I don't know if this photo of Ivo celebrating a goal will become a classic in world football.

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