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Southern Capital: When Greenland acquired Shenhua from Zhu Jun, Shenhua fans expressed their willingness to retain Shenhua’s name. Mr. Wu said that at the club level, Shenhua’s name ranks higher than that of Greenland. Reviewing Greenland What do you think is the fundamental reason for this decision?

Zhou Jun: I was new to football at the time and didn’t think about it so much. I wanted to get rid of Shenhua because Shenhua has some negatives and is afraid of affecting the group’s brand. This is normal, and it is normal from the perspective of the investor's brand. Other clubs change investors, just for example, Albin and Guangyao, aren't they all like this? Only Shenhua (and Guoan) does not have it, and we have to continue its bloodline. In fact, the so-called negative is only viewed from a single dimension. If viewed from a 360-degree perspective, it is a complicated image. I think this decision also demonstrates the high-quality corporate culture of Greenland.

▲Moreno, the captain of Shanghai Shenhua. On July 9th, Moreno Greenland Shenhua Charity Fund was established. This is the first club special charity fund named after a player in domestic football. Photo/Xinhua News Agency

2. How does a Chinese Super League club build a commercial brand

Nandu: Shenhua was originally an electrical appliance brand, but how did it derive from it?

Zhou Jun: Shenhua Electric should still exist, the washing machine. Since entering Shenhua in 2008, I have been committed to Shenhua's breakthrough in products. However, there are many helpless issues involved. At that time, the two words Shenhua registered many brands, some of which were even more than 93 years old. There are too many Shenhua shoes, Shenhua real estate, and Shenhua electrical appliances. It is very difficult to integrate. . Some Shenhua brand trademarks are 90% similar to our team logo. Assuming you want to make Shenhua shoes, it may not be someone who violated your rights, but you have violated their rights. Shenhua itself comes from electrical appliances. You can say that 27 years of history in Chinese football are precious, but for companies and other brands, 27 years are just a child. Because there are many "Shenhua" in this big market, in recent years, football club operators (when developing commercial products) have encountered some difficulties.

Southern Metropolis: The value of Shenhua’s brand has been presented in many ways over the years. At the traditional commercial level (box office, sponsors, and peripheral brand development), Shenhua What is the lead?

Shenhua: Hongkou Stadium has limited capacity, but our ticket price is almost the highest in the Super League. It cannot be based solely on the number of people at the scene. Starting from Anelka and Drogba, the Chinese Super League really had a big name, and it was Shenhua. Over the years, the reputation and quality of the players introduced by Shenhua are also leading. We do not excel in the development of peripheral products. In terms of product quantity and quality, registration rights, and sense of belonging, this area has always been difficult. It is also for this reason that we want to create a brand called Shenlan.

Southern Metropolis: Relatively speaking, what are the characteristics of Shenhua fans’ consumption habits?

Zhou Jun: Shenhua fans have a high frequency of consumption; they have a strong ability to consume single products; they have a high appreciation for product quality and design fashion. The formation of these three characteristics is also strongly related to the highly commercial civilization of the city of Shanghai.

Nandu: When did the commercial brand Shenlanpai start to be brewed?

Zhou Jun:I actually started brewing since I won the FA Cup in 2017. I feel that Shenhua has reached a height and should have a matching business culture. Constrained by the lack of professional sports IP operation teams in China, my own work has also changed. I went to Dalian, but the plan did not land at that time. After winning the FA Cup again in 2019, this idea is even stronger. Coupled with the fact that during the current period of the epidemic, the game is suspended, and we are focusing a lot of energy on Shenhua's business. We are also learning many models, including Moreno Charity. There are also some private designs and ideas of the players. We are also integrating them, which is also the wealth of the club.

Southern Capital: Are Shenhua and Shen Lanpai parallel or side-affiliated?

Zhou Jun: Shenhua is a competitive brand. Shenlanpai just came out this year, but it can incorporate the essence of Shenhua’s years of accumulation at the fastest speed. We hope that Shenhua can be unique in the professional section, and that Shenlan can keep pace with Shenhua, but now it is only a child. The process of accepting a new brand may be long or short, but persistence is required. We try to shorten the time as much as possible. Of course, we also hope that the club can have good results to drive its presentation, but it will not turn the cart before the horse.

Nandu: Does the commercial brand Shenlanpai already have products?

Zhou Jun: We also did a live broadcast, and several products were popular, but the pace of its development will not be too fast. We prefer to focus on the quality of the products And design, the depth of the product quality field is what I currently value more than the width of the variety and quantity. We hope that Shenlanpai can unify Shenhua's business. In the future, Shenhua's business will use the Shenlanpai brand as its carrier. The four major business modules are "tangible products, intangible brands, sports industry +, and player IP."

▲On July 9, Shenhua officially released its derivative commercial brand, which is the first case among Chinese clubs.

3. Shenhua guarantees the qualification of the AFC this year and then talks about the championship

Southern Capital: The outside world has very high demands on Shenhua. The team was in a downturn for a long time, so are the two championships in the past three years important to Shenhua’s brand?

Zhou Jun: After all, Shenhua has undergone shocks and has been gradually rebuilt since 2014. In 2017, it won the FA Cup, but the league results were not good, and there were consecutive home fires. Playing away and other factors, won the FA Cup in 2019, but the league results are not good because more energy is being spent on cultivating newcomers. It is true that Shenhua hasn't been able to make a splash at both ends. The two champions play an important role in the promotion of Shenhua's brand. A FA Cup champion can be said to be accidental, but two champions in such a short time show that it has strength. Shenhua's culture can fight tough battles.

Southern Capital: The depth of Shenhua’s bench in the 2020 season has greatly increased, and there are many stars. Will this year launch an impact on the league championship?

Zhou Jun: Shenhua’s requirement every year is to advance towards the goal of championship. As long as the team in Shenhua, the goal must be the champion. Under the premise of the big goal, we will also be pragmatic. This year's special circumstances, the game system, everyone has no experience, many difficulties will arise, and there will be uncertainties, but we will face it with a positive attitude. Many team members said what is going on after two months of closure. I said, you will compare with the soldiers guarding the border, and you will compare with the doctor who fights the epidemic. What are you guys? If you can't even overcome this, it's a sporting spirit. Our goal is to strive to qualify for the AFC Champions League, to ensure that we can continue to play the AFC Champions League, and then talk about the championship trophy.

▲On April 20th, players of the Shanghai Shenhua team were training on the field. Photo/Xinhua News Agency

4. "The New York Yankees is a commercial learning object" p>

Southern Capital: What do you think of the relationship between the pursuit of team performance and the development of brand commercial value?

Zhou Jun: At present, the commercialization of the Super League club is relatively slow. Our traditional focus is on the competitive aspect. It seems that the championship is worthRespectful, there seems to be no difference between second place and penultimate place. Many clubs think that I do things with good grades, but others welcome them. If you do with bad grades, you do a lot of things. The simplest thing others say is that you should play well before you talk. This is a traditional concept, and there is nothing wrong with it. Competitive sports must be competitive. But if you encounter some external force majeure, the survival rate of the club is very low and the survivability is very weak.

The Chinese club changed a lot of bosses, because it was a blood transfusion system. To put it awkwardly, it was a beggar. It was a parasite and had no hematopoietic function. For the club to develop steadily for a long time, this bottleneck must be broken. Manchester United's results are not the best, but the business can be comparable to Real Madrid and Barcelona. The New York Yankees, everyone will even forget that it is a baseball team, but its commercial brand does a good job. The New York Yankees are the object of our study and the goal of our efforts in the process of commercialization. We must break the tradition and walk on two legs.

Southern Capital: So there is no necessary connection between team performance and business development, right? It is now advocated to reduce the blood supply of the parent company to improve the club’s own operational capabilities.

Zhou Jun: Each club must have its own characteristics. Everyone has to compete for the championship, but there is only one. It cannot be competed in three or five years. Is it going to perish? It should support the club from the club’s brand value, player image, and youth training value. Achievements can bring honor to the city, but other things can also bring a lot. It's over in terms of grades alone.

The club is comprehensive and an industry. Now the State Council, the General Administration of Sports, including the Chinese Football Association all have requirements. The epidemic has played down some things. In fact, everyone is having a hard time now, as can be seen from the transfer market in the past two years. In fact, in recent years, we have been thinking about it. We can’t just ask the group. Our business philosophy in the transfer market is that some people say that we are shopping for groceries, but now you think about it, many clubs, now everyone wants to buy groceries. Now there are guidance on the above, and now the real world economic environment and China's economic environment also require us to buy vegetables, you can pick and choose, why not? You can pursue the price/performance ratio, why not. Why are you going to waste it. We have been doing this all the time, and Shenhua’s investment itself is very rational, and we are one step ahead. We have made a lot of preparations ourselves.

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