Zhu Guang Shanghai Comment: 100% penalty is no problem, Lippi's substitution rule is effective

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Sohu Sports News At 20 o'clock in the evening on August 21, Beijing time, the quarter-finals of the 2013 AFC Champions League began the first round of competition. Guangzhou Evergrande played at home against Qatar giant Lehvia. With the goals of Conca and Elkeson, Evergrande defeated the opponent 2-0 and gained the opportunity to advance to the semi-finals. Acting as the CCTV live commentator is Liu Jianhong, a famous guest, and the guest is played by the former national football coach Zhu Guanghu. Community: Four major benefits encourage Evergrande to win the AFC Champions League>>

After the announcement of the starting lineup, speaking of the choice between Zhao Xuri and Huang Bowen, Zhu Guanghu said, "From the perspective of Zhao Xuri's overall situation, his physical condition and game integration are more advantageous than playing this team. The overall starting lineup is Offensive and defensive balance." Liu Jianhong believes, "May have revealed a signal that Lippi does not want to focus on offense and defensive in such a game, otherwise problems will easily occur."

After the game started, Muric was almost everywhere on the court. Liu Jianhong praised, "Muliqi is very excited today. He is the most eye-catching player of Evergrande." Zhu Guanghu also said, "He is very confident in handling the ball today. This is a high level. Players, the bigger the scene, the more demanding they are."

Speaking of the opponent’s performance, Zhu Guanghu said bluntly, “The opponent’s investment in the offensive is very limited, and he can’t come up with a very good offensive method.” Seeing that Evergrande has created many good opportunities to break goals, Zhu Guanghu praised him, “Hengda Now it’s really mature. It doesn’t mean where to play, it’s all in accordance with established tactics and routines."

During the match, Liu Jianhong pointed out the fatal flaws of his opponents. "Lahvia has a big problem. They are not in the league period. Recently, they have maintained their state by a series of warm-up matches. The warm-up matches and official matches are completely different. Two concepts." Zhu Guanghu paid more attention to the weather. "This weather is very humid, which makes the game not as fast as before, and the formation of the two sides is also relatively open."

In the first half, Evergrande never scored. Liu Jianhong felt a little anxious. "Hengda had 7 shots in the first 30 minutes, but he needed to adjust his alignment because he didn't hit the goal frame once." The score is still 0 to 0. Liu Jianhong said, “It’s good to have a goal in the first half, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t. After all, the advantage has been established, and the front is basically a war of attrition. As long as this fight continues, I firmly believe that Evergrande will score.” Zhu Guanghu is also optimistic. Just like in the league, Evergrande can’t afford it in the second half. Because they are in the league as well, so it’s not a big problem."

At the beginning of the second half, Lehvia’s counterattack was strengthened. Liu Jianhong said bluntly, “Zhang Linpeng’s handling of some details is not very reasonable today. Fortunately, every time he intervenes today, Zhao Xuri made up for him. The defense is very timely and in place." Seeing the time passing by, Zhu Guanghu did not hide his thoughts, "Because we have not scored a goal yet, I especially hope that time will pass slowly."

In the 60th minute, Evergrande had an excellent opportunity. Sun Xiang made a pass from the left, then Elkerson header, Konka shot from close range in front of the goal and was blocked by the opponent's goalkeeper. Liu Jianhong said with great regret, "Oh! This ball is really strange! A chance for a lore!" After Zhu Guanghu learned that Kongka had missed this opportunity, he also sighed repeatedly.

In the 70th minute, Hengda finally got a penalty by Kongkabo. Zhu Guanghu rarely called for three consecutive "penalties." "There is no problem with penalties! One hundred percent of the penalty kicks were taken directly by the opponent." Liu Jianhong also said, "There is no problem with the penalty kick.Kungka recklessly knocked over from behind and hit Kongka's supporting leg directly. "When Kongka scored the penalty kick, Liu Jianhong let out a sigh of relief, "The ball is in!" Finally opened the door! Look at the atmosphere created by the fans at the scene, no less than the atmosphere created by Argentina in 1978. "

For this golden goal, Zhu Guanghu attributed the credit to Lippi, "You see, after the substitution, it took effect within 15 minutes. This is Lippi's law and it works again." While Zhu Guanghu spoke, Elkerson expanded the lead for Evergrande, "Congratulations to Elkerson, congratulations to Evergrande! This city was completely ignited by Evergrande’s goal." Zhu Guanghu said excitedly, "Elkerson The match with Kongka played very beautifully. Elkerson was very firm in forward and continued to cooperate in the crowd."

With the two goals in hand, Zhu Guanghu said humorously, "In fact, my thoughts are the same as when I didn't score a goal. I still hope that time will pass slowly and Evergrande can score more goals." In the end, Evergrande won Lai 2-0. Hevia. Liu Jianhong said excitedly, “Today they not only won victory against their opponents, but also accumulated direct experience and feelings. I believe that the next game will be more targeted. But for a team that is ambition to win the AFC Champions League this season. Said, we also need to guard against arrogance and impetuosity and fight steadily.” Zhu Guanghu pointed out, “This game has laid a very good foundation for the away game.” (Humble heart)

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