The called Messi played like Ronaldo, the 28-year-old international staged a high-speed overtaking, scoring unreasonable

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Everyone is in that football is the world's largest sport and the most popular competitive sport in the world. Of course, in the most populous China, football is also widely welcomed. But although there are many people who like football, our own football level is not high. Although more than ten or twenty years ago, we were also the top Asian team and even entered the World Cup. But it is a pity that we have been going downhill, and we were even considered to be the third-rate team in Asia. Because we couldn't win India at home and the Philippines at home, we no longer have the temperament of a strong Asian team.

Of course, the decline in the overall performance of the Chinese team is actually the decline in the level of players. The 85-89 generations of players once let We see hope, but they failed to achieve a breakthrough for various reasons, so now we can only look forward to younger players. However, since the 90s, our young players have faced great challenges, because the Chinese Super League Jinyuan model began, so a large number of world-class foreign players stationed in the Super League, and control the central axis of the Super League teams. Therefore, these young players did not even have the opportunity to get in touch with the core position of the team, that is, their professionalization started as playing support, and they were also very dependent on foreign aid.

However, as the gold dollar model begins to collapse, there are fewer and fewer big-name foreign aids in the league, and our local players are beginning to gain With more opportunities, more and more local players began to rise. Suddenly our league has a lot of local Messi and Ronaldo, such as Chongqing Ronaldo and Zhang Chiming. For example, National Youth Ronaldo is also the current Guangzhou team. Rover Shihao, etc., it can be said that many players have played their own characteristics in the game, and even entered the national team to become the national name.

Recently, another local player has come up again. He is Feng Jin, who is known as Chongqing Messi. As a native of Chongqing, Feng Jin has also been growing up under Chongqing's youth training. Because he is fast, can get the ball and can break through, so many fans named him Chongqing Messi. Over the years, because he is a striker, Feng Jin has mostly appeared as a substitute. Until the 2019 season, the Chongqing team had financial difficulties, so Feng Jin got more opportunities to play, so we also discovered this handsome-looking fast horse. He played 28 games for the team that season, started 25 games and scored. 3 goals and 2 assists, including a long-distance attack to break through the gate of Guangzhou Evergrande. And because of his outstanding performance that season, Feng Jin also entered the national team and became the pride of Chongqing football.

However, as the Chongqing team’s economic difficulties have intensified, the team’s difficulties have also intensified, and many foreign players and domestic players have left. The team, and the remaining players are also struggling to support, so Feng Jin was temporarily forgotten by the national team. This season, the Chongqing team played almost exclusively domestic cards for most of the time, so the domestic players of the Chongqing team got more opportunities, and they began to take on the responsibilities of the team. The most shining one is Feng Jin.

In the just-concluded round 9 of the Chinese Super League, Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic beat Guangzhou City 4-0 Among them, Feng Jin shines, he made two of these four goals. In the 29th minute of the game, the Big Motors instigated a quick counterattack and sent a diagonal stop just after passing the center line. The ball passed between the two defenders. Feng Jin drove the ball into the penalty area. After observing Han Jiaqi's position at the edge of the penalty area, he made a low shot with his right foot. , 2 to 0.

In the 60th minute of the match, Chongqing launched a counterattack. Feng Jin ran the ball for a long distance and then calmly divided the ball to Bolani. Oss, the latter made the ball to Dong Honglin who just came off the bench, and then Dong HonglinWith one kick into the net, Chongqing leads Guangzhou City 3-0.

One goal, one plan, Feng Jin became the brightest star in the game. And Feng Jin’s goal was almost the same as his last game. In the 8th round of the Super League, Chongqing 1-3 lost to Shandong Taishan. Feng Jin also scored a high-speed overtaking goal. Quite exciting! It was the 54th minute of the game. Foreign aid Bolaños took the ball in the middle and sent a wonderful through pass. Chongqing's cub Feng Jin stuck in the defender's exquisite right foot outside the instep at high speed and broke the goal.

It can be said that Feng Jin almost used the speed on the side to achieve overtaking and scored. And this The goal is Ronaldo's, not Messi. Known by everyone as Chongqing Messi, now he is playing more and more like Ronaldo. I have to say that the Chongqing international is in great shape, and the two big stars can be possessed at the same time. In fact, this also illustrates a problem. It is not that our Chinese football has no good players, but our players are too short of opportunities and too lack of stage. If they can play more games and take on more responsibilities, more players will surely rise, and Chinese football will definitely rise to a higher level. What do you thnk? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!


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