"Football Recommendation" Serie A 03:45 Sampdoria vs AC Milan

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Serie A 03:45 Sampdoria vs AC Milan

Football match name: Serie A

"Sampdoria" football recommendation:

Beijing Guoan faced the early elimination of Chiang Rai United in the final round of the group stage. In the end, they shook hands with their opponents 1-1 and failed to win a full victory. Ending. Nevertheless, Beijing Guoan played the spirit of a Chinese Super League team in the current AFC Champions League and was the best performer among the four Super League teams. Double-kill Seoul FC and Melbourne won, only lost 1 point, 6 rounds of the group stage recorded 5 wins and 1 draw to remain unbeaten, scored 12 goals, conceded 4 goals, 16 points ranked first in the group. After Beijing Guoan set a record for the AFC restructuring, the Super League team’s highest score in the group stage is commendable.

"AC Milan" football recommendation:

FC Tokyo's performance in the league this season is disappointed, and the team still qualified in the AFC Champions League. In the final round of the group stage, Tokyo defeated Perth with a score of 1-0. Due to the 1-4 defeat of Shanghai Shenhua to Ulsan Hyundai in the same group, the team was qualified to qualify. In the 6 rounds of the group stage, Tokyo's results were 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, scoring 6 goals, conceding 5 goals, and ranking second in the group with 10 points. In terms of lineup, Tokyo's main foreign aid Oliveira will have a 3-4 week break due to an injury in the game against Shanghai Shenhua. Therefore, only Adelton and Leondro are left in front of the foreign aid trident. It is necessary to know that the main firepower of Tokyo's offensive end is these 3 foreign players, Oliveira's injury will more or less affect the team's performance.

"Sampdoria vs AC Milan" football recommendation:

In the handicap, the AC Milan officiated -0.75 goals in the early game and started with a high water. The market outlook is up to now. There was basically no change in the handicap, only AC Milan's water level dropped slightly. In the early game, it is preliminarily determined that the AC Milan handicap has a greater chance, but everything is still based on my evening recommendation!

The above is only the initial analysis. As a mature and prudent investor, I suggest you do more observations. I will continue to collect more on-the-spot information to keep an eye on the changes in the market and give my final opinion before the start of the game. 9pm The personal number will be updated on time before, so please pay attention. This article is the original version of Gongzhong (recommended football material), please let us know if you reprint it.

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