The five most active goalkeepers in Chinese football

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The position of goalkeeper can be regarded as the most abundant position in the history of the national football team. Even in today's decline of Chinese football, the phenomenon of [underdogs going out] still holds true.

This is not difficult to understand. In today's Super League, almost every team will focus on signings in the front field. The partner is a weak defensive combination, and he is facing the five major league-level foreign forwards. The pressure faced by the local goalkeepers is different from other positions to a certain extent, and the degree of growth corresponding to the training will naturally increase. .

So, considering the factors such as field performance and player value, how should the best TOP5 goalkeeper in Chinese football choose?

5. Wu Yan (Henan Jianye)

Wu Yan, who has become famous since Wuhan Zall, has been playing since the 2015 season Henan Jianye. In recent seasons of the Super League, Wu Yan has steadily grown into a top goalkeeper in China, especially known for his reaction ability and his ability to save twice.

This season, many of the main defenders in Henan Jianye’s rear defensive line are missing, and even Wang Shangyuan needs to take the place of the dragged central defender to fight the fire. Fortunately, Wu Yan became a "dad", he saved at least 5 "must goals" in the sports battle, and then saved two penalty kicks. It can be said that Wu Yan saved nearly ten points for Henan Jianye with his own efforts. Wu Yan was also selected into the selection team coached by Li Tie, which is a testament to his strength.

4. Wang Dalei (Shandong Luneng)

The waist injury has affected Dalei’s performance this season to a certain extent, but From the performance of the save, Wang Dalei is still the top in the country. Compared with his previous self, Wang Dalei's reaction power and speed have indeed declined, but as his experience grows and his personality matures, Wang Dalei can still perform better both inside and outside the small penalty area.

In addition to defensive contributions, the extra influence he exerts on the offensive end is an important reason for his selection on this list. Whether it's a long pass with a big foot directly looking for a teammate, or a unicorn-armed missile player toss the ball, Wang Dalei's attributes that can be used as a counterattack point are unmatched by other goalkeepers in China. This season, Wang Dalei has two direct assists in the account, which shows his special influence on the offensive end.

3. Liu Dianzuo (Guangzhou Evergrande)

Liu Dianzuo is a balanced goalkeeper, responsive and bounce Strong force, wide coverage, good timing of attack. In the last season of the Super League, Evergrande lost 24 goals, which was the team with the fewest goals in the Super League. Among them, Liu Dianzuo only conceded 20 goals in 26 games with amazing efficiency. It can be said that Liu Dianzuo seized the opportunity of the former goalkeeper's brother Zeng Cheng's injury and played an excellent performance, so as to truly secure the position of the main goalkeeper of this super giants.

2. Cheng Yuelei (Guangzhou R&F)

123 saves, the first in the Super League last season; 3 saves, the same is the last First in the Super League of the season. Under such performance, R&F's goalkeeper Cheng Yuelei should have a name among the top domestic goalkeepers.

From the obscurity in the Sichuan, Shide, and Guoan periods, to the brief highlights in the deep foot period, to the main position of the Guangzhou R&F period, it was finally able to enter the top ranks of domestic goalkeepers. The 32-year-old Cheng Yuelei is full of twists and turns on the way to the top goalkeeper, and his competitive mentality has become more stable with the growth of his experience.

It can be said that Cheng Yuelei is the goalkeeper who grew up with Guangzhou R&F team in the Super League. With the blessing of excellent physical fitness, Cheng Yuelei has maintained a good goal line performance and has overcome the opportunity to hit the sun.The shortcomings in aspect and hand shape have truly grown from a goalkeeper with a nerve knife response flow to a stable and reliable goalkeeper.

1. Yan Junling (Shanghai SIPG)

The best goalkeeper of the season in the Sanlianzhuang Super League, in the "transfer market" Waiting for the value of the authoritative football media to reach 750,000 euros, throwing out a large part of the remaining Chinese goalkeepers. There is no doubt that the 28-year-old Yan Junling is the most dominant Chinese player in the goalkeeper position.

As far as the overall quality of the goalkeeper is concerned, Yan Junling is definitely a leader in the country. His first reaction in front of the goal is even more outstanding, and he is also quite successful in terms of pummeling points. In addition, Yan Junling's biggest selling point is that he is extremely stable but has the passion and vitality to save. National football stars including Ou Chuliang have given Yan Junling a very high evaluation, saying that he is currently the only goalkeeper in China who has the opportunity to play in the top European leagues.

Honorable mentions: Zeng Cheng, Zou Dehai, Dong Chunyu, Zhang Chong, Sui Weijie


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