Book your next seat at the national gate! Wang Dalei performed an extreme save as a substitute, and he must score a goal to stifle his opponent!

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As we all know, the overall level of Chinese football is already between the second and third in Asia! Especially in the past two years, I have not won the first eleven games in Asia, and I have repeatedly overturned in the face of the underdogs. For example, I was tied at home by India and Palestine, beaten by Thailand, and tied by the Philippines. According to the results, it is not impossible to say that it is third-rate. The direct reason for the poor performance is that the overall level of our players is declining.

Indeed, in the past two years, our Chinese football In a very difficult period, the current national football lineup has been seriously aging, the main framework is already in their 30s, and their bodies and conditions are in a downward trend. What's even more embarrassing is that the overall level of our younger generation of players still has a big gap with their predecessors, so they are not able to take over perfectly for the time being. Therefore, the current national football, no matter at the overall level or at the individual level, is difficult to rank in Asia.

But even the level of many of our positions has been reduced to Asia is third-rate, but there is one position that has maintained the first-class level in Asia, and that is the position of goalkeeper. Since our Football Association has banned the introduction of foreign goalkeepers early, this position has not been affected by foreign aid in the past 20 years. In addition, in recent years, our Super League has introduced many world-class foreign aid teams, as well as goalkeeper coaches. First-class configuration, so our goalkeeper grows very fast. In addition, the Chinese goalkeeper has a natural physical advantage, so the level of the Chinese goalkeeper has not been bad.

From Yang Zhi before to Zeng Cheng and Wang Dalei, Now Yan Junling, their level is top in other Asian countries. In addition, we did not appear to be missed in the goalkeeper position. At present, many young goalkeepers in the Chinese Super League are also quite competitive, such as Shanghai SIPG’s young goalkeeper Chen Wei, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan’s U23 goalkeeper Guo Quanbo, Jiangsu Suning The young goalkeeper Zhang Yan, Hebei China Fortune's goalkeeper Bao Yaxiong and Shenzhen Kaisa's Guowei and so on. And recently there is another national substitute who shines in the league, that is Shandong Luneng's substitute goalkeeper Han Rongze.

As everyone knows, Shandong Luneng’s main goalkeeper has been It is the national king Dalei. His various skills are almost at the top of the country, and he is often able to dedicate himself. In addition, Dalei can use his unicorn arm to assist the team's forward almost every season. It can be said that Da Lei is a rare goalkeeper who can attack and defend in China. However, some of the big thunders of the nerve-knife will occasionally make low-level mistakes when they are able to make a splash. This is why he loses to Yan Junling in the first position of the national team, that is, his performance is not stable enough.

As a substitute in the Wang Dalei league, the first thing is to Be prepared to sit on the bench for a long time, because as long as Wang Dalei is not injured, it will be difficult for someone to replace him. As Da Lei's first substitute, he must seize the limited opportunity to play and show his own level, so that he can be sufficiently competitive and fight for more playing time. At present, one person has done it, and that is 27-year-old goalkeeper Han Rongze.

Since Wang Dalei has been injured for a long time in the past two years, So Han Rongze got moreOpportunities, and in the face of hard-won opportunities, Han Rongze's performance did not disappoint everyone. For a while, Han Rongze's performance even made us forget that Da Lei was recovering from his injuries. Of course, Han Rongze is obviously not the same type of goalkeeper as Da Lei. Han Rongze is a more introverted character, so he does not have Da Lei's passion, but he is more stable than Da Lei. He has the psychological and physical conditions necessary for a good goalkeeper, a tall figure, flexible movements and judgment consciousness, and stable goal line save technique. So relying on solid basic skills can ensure the stability and safety of Luneng's goal, and can also make high-quality saves. Although his current attack range is smaller than that of Da Lei, his offensive participation is not high, his footwork accuracy needs to be improved, and his experience needs to be improved, but through more competitions, these can be made up for.

Recently, with Da Lei’s injury again, Han Rongze Get another chance to play. Moreover, he performed very well in the 5-6 qualification battle between Luneng and Hebei Huaxia Happiness, and made an amazing limit save. It was the 61st minute of the game. Defender Liu Junshuai's header was too weak to strike back. After China's foreign aid striker Toure stole the ball, he formed a single-handed position, and he also passed the goalkeeper Han Rongze who was preparing to catch the ball. In addition, Toure fell into the position of Han Rongze, kicking and pushing the empty goal. I thought the goal was definitely scored, but no one thought that Han Rongze predicted Toure's shot. At the moment Toure kicked off, Han Rongze dropped the ball and threw the ball out with his hands.

However, because Toure also fell to the ground, VAR also Intervened, but after repeated VARs for many times, we found that Han Rongze's punting was quite accurate, that is, the moment the ball flew out, he hit the ball out, and there was no foul at all. It can be said that this ball is definitely a world-class save, reflecting Han Rongze's super fast reaction ability and very calm and fast processing ability. It is simply a performance at the national level.

I believe that with such outstanding performance as Han Rongze, we will gain more With more opportunities, he is likely to be selected for the national team and become Luneng's next national team. What do you thnk? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!


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