0 yuan to win the national goalkeeper! TEDA made SIPG pick up a big bargain, it is the absolute main force!

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The Chinese Super League has been particularly lively recently. The reason is not because of the hugely expensive foreign players in the past, nor is it because the transfer fee of any international team has reached 100 million yuan, but many teams have experienced economic crisis, and there is also a Chinese Super League. The veteran team is about to disband. And this team is the Tianjin TEDA team that has been standing in Chinese football for 23 years.

At the beginning of the year, the Tianjin TEDA team just played for itself A perfectly neutral name that satisfies the Football Association and fans, and that is Tianjin Jinmen Tigers. I thought that the Tigers would be all-in-one in the new season. I didn't expect that the team would immediately report the news of arrears of salary, and even the period of salary arrears could reach 8 months. Both domestic and foreign aid were no exception. Of course, because the entire year of last year was affected by the epidemic, almost all companies were not profitable. It was not that the TEDA team was in crisis or underpaid, so many fans at that time felt nothing.

However, when the time for the first submission of the form came, the Chinese Super League Only TEDA and Chongqing did not hand in the form of the team, this matter began to become tense and delicate. At least it can be proved that the team's funding gap in the past two years is still relatively large. However, after the Chongqing team has basically resolved the problem, TEDA has not resolved the funding issue for a long time. Instead, news of the team's disbandment came out. Although many TEDA players have publicly expressed their willingness to help the team stay in the Super League, it is a pity that TEDA's stay is not something players can stay if they want to stay. Various sources have basically confirmed that TEDA will definitely not invest anymore, and because the club has a lot of debt, and it is currently difficult to find a company that can take over. In this way, the dissolution of the club is basically a matter of time. It can be said that it doesn't matter whether the TEDA players want to stay with the team, because the team itself does not want to continue, so it is the right way to find a home as soon as possible.

Recently, an absolute main player of TEDA has been found Next home, and the team is very good, he is the goalkeeper Du Jia. According to reporter Lu Mi, goalkeeper Du Jia is already training with Shanghai Harbour and is close to joining as a free agent. Previously, the authoritative media Sports Weekly also reported that Shanghai Haigang does have plans to introduce Tianjin Jinmen Tiger’s main goalkeeper Du Jia to cope with the multi-line attack in the new season. On the one hand, Du Jia was able to be "composed" by the harbor. On the one hand, he has the strength and performed well against the harbor. For example, in the 7th round of the 18th season, Du Jia completed an amazing 14 saves against the harbor. , To help Jinmen Tigers draw 1-1 with the port; on the other hand, Du Jia and Jinmen Tigers contract has expired, even if the old club "resurrected", Du Jia is now a free agent.

In fact, everyone knows that the Tianjin team is very good at going out. Du Jia is also one of the outstanding goalkeepers trained in Tianjin. He has been selected to many national titles before, and when Gao Hongbo became the national team coach for the second time, he also called Du Jia into the team. It can be said This is also an affirmation of Du Jia's national strength.

In fact, if TEDA has no funding problems, a main force like Du Jia The goalkeeper is basically definitely not let go, but now TEDA has no ability to retain these powerful players, and even the entire team is gone, it has to make people feel a little embarrassed. Of course, there are still many outstanding players in TEDA, and they have not found a next home. Maybe after the club is really disbanded, they have really become free agents, and the official announcements will begin one by one!

What other players do you think TEDA has strong? Can you find the next home soon? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!


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