Who is to blame for the lack of a good defender in the national football team? The former super star central defender can't play in the Super League at all, and can only play in the League!

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I believe that many fans stayed up all night after watching the first game of the top 12 match between the National Football Team and Australia in the early morning of September 3. Because many fans are full of expectations that the national football team can perform miracles in the first game, because firstly, we have strong support and Wu Lei's state is also very good, and secondly, Australia is struggling and not prepared enough. But it is a pity that the final result of the game is very cruel, that is, our country is enough to defeat the opponent 0-3. What's more sad is that our offensive end is completely restricted, Exon and Wu Lei's connection is severed, and Wu Lei is prevented by opponents. Of course, the offensive disadvantage is not what fans are most entangled with. What makes the fans most heartache is our defense, which has almost become the channel for the opponent's offense, allowing the opponent to easily break through and grab two points, which is simply too lax.

So after this game, the most questioned is our central defender combination, of course Jiang Guangtai He was not scolded. It was his partner, Yu Dabao, who is known as the star of the national football team. You must know that the previous national team's central defender combination was Jiang Guangtai and Zhang Linpeng. At that time, Zhang Linpeng was criticized because of some low-level mistakes. Many people believed that Zhang Linpeng should return to the side and find a more suitable team to cooperate with Jiang Guangtai. But who to look for cooperation? The fans also have different opinions, and there is no unified point of view.

This time, Li Tie made a bold attempt, which was to use Dabao to play as a central defender. Liberate Zhang Linpeng. Everyone knows that Yu Dabao was a lucky star of the national football team when he played as a forward. He scored key goals in many games to save the national football team. But because of age and the position of Beijing Guoan's front line are all big-name foreign aids, Yu Dabao was forced to play central defender. And because Yu Dabao is tall and able to fight, he also performed well in the Super League. He also entered the national team as a central defender. But we need to know that although Dabao played well, he was not from this position after all, so he still has a lot of problems in handling a lot of balls.

And this time facing the top-ranking Australian team, Yu Dabao’s shortcomings have been magnified. The processing is slow for half a beat, often out of position, and the opponent is in neutral. Of course, it can also be said that Li Tie’s single defensive midfielder set up, which made Yu Dabao have to face the frontal impact of his opponent many times, so his shortcomings were exposed, and the lack of tacit cooperation with Jiang Guangtai also led to it. No one made up for the mistake, and Jiang Guangtai was not in place when he needed to cooperate, so it is normal that the national football's defense can't stand Australia. After the game, Yu Dabao's Weibo was also captured by the fans for the first time, and he had everything to say.

But is Dabao really to blame for all this? In fact, it shouldn't. After all, everyone knows his strengths and weaknesses. But if you were Li Tie, what kind of central defender combination would you choose to face against a team like Australia? It was Zhang Linpeng who was scolded for a mistake. If you choose Li Ang and Zhu Chenjie, it seems that their level and state are not necessarily better than Yu Dabao. This is also true. It can be said that in the position of central defender, after Feng Xiaoting, there is really no one who can stand up against a strong team. In other words, our central defender is seriously short of people.

But why do we lack a good defender? Is it just a matter of youth training? Obviously not. In fact, another very important reason is our league. In fact, for so many years, our league has been occupied by foreign players as the striker, which has caused the national football’s forward weakness.The central defender's position has also been greatly impacted. Previously, when there was a quota for the Asian and foreign players, our club would allocate the quota for the Asian and foreign players to the central defenders. And the most central defenders choose South Korea and Australia. And these Asian foreigners are here, they are the core of the defense, and more of the defense relies on their personal ability. Our local central defender is at best to assist, so this also limits the development of our local central defender. Now the shortcomings of the central defender are fully revealed after Feng Xiaoting left the national team.

And recently there is a very typical example. In the past ten years in the league, our local supernovas have not appeared much, especially the position on the central axis. However, there is a young central defender who won the best newcomer in the Super League and became the hope of the future in the central defender position. He is Li Xiaoming.

Li Xiaoming, born in 1996, was once the captain of the Shenhua echelon team and also the captain of the National Youth Team. At that time, his combination with Micro Motion's central defender was the most stable backer for the National Youth defense line. However, Li Xiaoming has always appeared as a young player in Shenhua, so there is no chance. In the 2016 season, he was also loaned to the Henan Jianye team in exchange for Bi Jinhao. In the Jianye team, Li Xiaoming got more chances to play, and at the same time showed his extraordinary talent. In that season, he played 21 times for Jianye, scored 1 goal, averaged 1.7 steals, 1.5 interceptions, and 2.1 clearances per game. He was named the best newcomer in the 2016 Super League.

However, when everyone felt that Li Xiaoming’s future would be bright, Shenhua ended the loan and Li Xiaoming returned to Shenhua. But he couldn't play in Shenhua, so in a short time, Li Xiaoming was loaned out again to Shenzhen Kaisa, which was still in the middle class at the time. He was the best newcomer in the Chinese Super League last year, and playing in the Chinese League next year is a blow to a young player who is on the rise. Since then, Li Xiaoming has basically disappeared from the sight of many fans. After he ended his loan in Shenzhen, he returned to Shenhua and could not play any games. Later, he moved to Changchun Yatai, Nantong Zhiyun, and Suzhou Soochow. It was only recently that Li Xiaoming completed the first milestone of his career, with 100 professional games.

Li Xiaoming was originally in the eighteenth round of the second stage of the Chinese League, Kunshan VS Suzhou Soochow In the game, he completed the 100th official game of his career. And just before the training on September 3, the Suzhou Soochow team held a hundred career commemoration ceremony for Li Xiaoming in the training ground. Coach Gary White also gave him a special commemorative jersey with the "100" number printed on him. This is a very warm thing. However, it is a little embarrassing that most of Li Xiaoming's 100 games are accumulated in the first class.

Originally the best newcomer in the Chinese Super League, the future of the national football center back, now it is too difficult to play in the Super League. In fact, this is the reality of many local defenders. Although they have the potential and ability, but few Super League teams dare to use young central defenders, their first choice are foreign players and veterans. As a result, many young central defenders were gradually relegated or even disappeared. In fact, this is why we are missing a central defender.

But we still have hope in the future. After the Football Association has restricted the club’s crazy investment, we can see that our club is using local young players in an interesting way. We have also begun to realize that cultivating more young players is the basis for being able to keep a foothold in the Super League in the future. What do you thnk? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!


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