Almost to be a god! The 21-year-old boy gave two big gifts after shining for 70 minutes, ruining everything!

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As we all know, Chinese football has been at a low point in recent years, and the national titles of all levels are basically a mess in the Asian arena. The national football team did not win a game against the top ten teams in Asia. They couldn't win India and Palestine at home, and they couldn't even open the goal of the Philippines at home. Not to mention the young Guo Zihao. From being difficult to find in the Asian arena, it is difficult to score a goal. Now the national youth can't even make it to the Asian Youth Championship, and is completely reduced to a scorpion. It can be said that this result is heartache for fans.

And precisely because of the overall downturn in Chinese football, our Chinese players are not recognized and trusted by everyone, and even the international football team has become a joke for many people after dinner, which is heartbreaking. But at present, it is true that the level of our Chinese players in many positions has been far from the top level in Asia. For example, there is almost no strong center forward on the front line, whether there is an organizational core in the midfield, and there is no strong center back in the back line, so the entire central axis is seriously inadequate, and it is too difficult to play a good game.

However, no matter how much the player level drops in each position, there is a The position is always one of the best in Asia, and that is the goalkeeper position. First of all, the main reason is that our league has banned foreign goalkeepers for many years, so in the goalkeeper position, the local goalkeeper will not be affected by foreign goalkeepers. And in recent years, our local goalkeepers have faced super-strong foreign aid shots, especially after the Chinese football has opened the gold dollar mode, our goalkeepers have faced world-class foreign aids. The training value of each game is very great. huge. Of course, another important reason is that our Chinese Super League clubs have invited many world-class coaching teams over the years, and these coaching teams have also worked hard on the training of our goalkeepers, so our goalkeepers have also received top-notch training. . In this way, can you say that our goalkeeper is not strong?

It depends on our country’s Other countries are properly the main goalkeepers, such as the Guoanmen god Yang Zhi who has just retired before, and the Luneng door god Wang Dalei, the current national team's Yan Junling and Shenhua's goalkeeper Zeng Cheng, these players are the top goalkeepers in Asia. And in the goalkeeper position, we also have many rising stars. For example, Guo Quanbo of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan and Guowei of Shenzhen Kaisa are very good goalkeepers. Although young, they are stable and often striker.

And recently another goalkeeper made us shine, He is the 21-year-old R&F goalkeeper Han Jiaqi. This season, the young teenager successfully replaced the national gate Cheng Yuelei and became the main force of R&F. Moreover, Cheng Yuelei was pressed firmly on the bench, and he didn't play for a minute. R&F's poor defense has given Han Jiaqi a chance to grow up. He is the busiest person in R&F almost every game. In the 9th round of the Chinese Super League against the giant Guangzhou Evergrande, Han Jiaqi almost became a god. His many high-level saves were amazing.

Only 7 minutes into the game, Yang Liyu of Evergrande was there There was a super world wave from outside the penalty area, and Han Jiaqi will also struggle to save, put the ball out of the crossbar, and try to keep the goal without losing!

In the 32nd minute of the game, Evergrande hit the R&F defense with a through kick and Paulinho received the ball in the penalty area After that, he almost formed a single-handed shot. He immediately kicked and shot, but unexpectedly, Han Jiaqi actually took the ball bravely.Saving, being able to save from such a short distance proved that his reaction was too fast

In the 69th minute of the game, Evergrande got a free kick in the middle of the periphery, Taliska stood in front of the ball and directly blasted a curve ball straight to the dead corner, and Han Jiaqi once again saved the ball magically.

In the 70th minute of the game, Exxon received a pass from his teammate in the penalty area and ran towards the dead corner with a head. And Han Jiaqi made another world-class save and saved the ball. This throw made many people give their thumbs, which was incredible. At this time, R&F has led Evergrande with Huang Zhengyu's world wave by one goal, and Han Jiaqi has such an outstanding performance. Many people think that R&F has taken this point.

However, no one thought that after this save, Han Jiaqi made a 180° turn, two low-level turns Mistakes made Evergrande reverse it, and he ruined it all. In the 73rd minute of the game, Li Tixiang passed back to Han Jiaqi under the pressure, but unexpectedly Han Jiaqi made a big-footed error. He kicked a ball and missed the distance. After Exxon on the left side of the penalty area got the ball, he returned the ball back to the triangle. , Talisca burst into the net at the top of the arc! Evergrande evened the score!

However, this is not over yet, in the second minute of stoppage time, Han Jiaqi made another mistake. Xu Xin broke through the bottom line on the right side of the frontcourt and made a pass to the small penalty area. Han Jiaqi faced a less difficult save but awkwardly let it go. As a result, Paulinho at the front of the small penalty area scored with his right foot! Evergrande 2-1 R&F! This is a standard lore.

It can be said that Guangzhou R&F played well for 70 minutes, but crashed in the last 20 minutes. And the way they collapsed was only because of Han Jiaqi's two big gifts. And Han Jiaqi himself also performed amazingly for 70 minutes, and insisted on 20 minutes to become a god, but suddenly ended the game in this way, ruining everything!

I have to say that Han Jiaqi is paying tuition for his youth, but I believe that after experiencing these setbacks, Han Jiaqi will accelerate his growth, and perhaps in the future he can really become the next country. Do you think Han Jiaqi has the potential of the country? Are there any young goalkeepers who have the hope of becoming one of the national football teams? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!


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