Fought the peak of his career against Evergrande! Guoan Wannian became the biggest contributor from the bench, the real iron gate!

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As we all know, the current level of Chinese football is basically between the 2-3 stream in Asia. Because our results in the past two years have been really bad. We didn't win the first 11 games in Asia, and we often overturned in the face of underdogs. For example, we were tied at home by India and Palestine, and we were tied at home by the Philippines. It can be said that such a result was unacceptable 20 years ago, but our current fans can only afford it silently.

The reason for the poor performance of the national football team is actually very simple , That is the overall level of decline. Because the national football team encountered a lack of talent during the update and replacement, and many key positions were not taken over, the decline in combat effectiveness was inevitable. It can be said that the current national football level in many positions is not ranked in Asia. But so far, our national football still has a position that is still the top in Asia, and that is the goalkeeper position.

Because the Football Association banned foreign goalkeepers many years ago Introduced, so the goalkeeper position is also protected by local players. Coupled with the introduction of world-class forwards over the years, our goalkeeper has been trained as never before, and with the arrival of the big coaching team, our goalkeeper position has also been guided by the world-class team, so the goalkeeper has always been maintained high standards. Like Yang Zhi before, now Wang Dalei, Zeng Cheng, Yan Junling, no matter which goalkeeper is placed in any national team in Asia can become the main force.

Among so many teams in the Super League, the one who has the most goalkeepers It is the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Team. Before that, Yang Zhi was one of the national football teams. Later Guo Quanbo and Zou Dehai were selected for the national team. It can be said that the Guoan team is rich in national teams. Recently, another goalkeeper of the Beijing Guoan team has emerged, and that is the 31-year-old goalkeeper Hou Sen. He shined in the first round of the semi-finals of the Chinese Super League Championship this year.

Speaking of Hou Sen, many fans may not be familiar with him, indeed He is not the main player in the Guoan team, and can be described as a substitute in his later years. When Yang Zhi was the main goalkeeper of the Guoan team, Hou Sen was the first substitute. After that, Yang Zhi withdrew from the front line with his normal age and injuries. At this time, the young player Guo Quanbo emerged. It can be said that Hou Sen has become a substitute without playing a few games. In the 2019 season, Guo Quanbo also became a substitute, because Guoan introduced another goalkeeper Zou Dehai, and Hou Sen also became the third goalkeeper.

Although he is Guoan’s Wannian substitute, Hou Sen has never There are no complaints, and he also chose to stick to the Beijing Guoan team. Now because of this year's special competition system, coupled with the injuries of his teammates, Hou Sen finally got more chances to play. Moreover, he performed very well in the match against Evergrande. It was his outstanding performance that prevented Evergrande from scoring a goal, leaving hope for Guoan's promotion to the final.

In this game, Hou Sen made 4 saves, Two of them saved shots from the opponent's penalty area, especially in the second half he saved a shot from Wei Shihao's close at hand. It was the 84th minute of the game. Zhang Linpeng made a pass from the right. The Guoan team came to the top, and Wei Shihao went straight to the far corner without defending. At this time, Houssen reacted quickly, with a single palm and a plop.The ball slipped past the goal. This was also the closest opportunity for Evergrande to score a goal, and it was ended by the outstanding Hussen.

It can be said that Hou Sen’s performance in this game is so far He played his best game. I believe that if he can maintain this level all the time, Wannian's bench will eventually become a regular one! What do you thnk? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!


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